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LE/Traffic Spec Sheets

Case Studies

MODOT StatTrak Case Study

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Facilities Case Study (InstAlert)

Town of Minturn, CO Speed Reporting (StatTrak)

Vail, AZ School District (Shield 12, TraffiCloud)

Clarendon Hills Police Department (Shield 12, SpeedAlert 24, ATS 5 Trailer, StatTrak, TraffiCloud) updated 6/25/19

Peoria, AZ PD (Shield 12, SA 18) traffic calming, complaints, sharing data

Tampa Electric Case Study (speed calming)

Natick Police Dept. Boston Marathon (SpeedAlert 24, ATS 5 Trailer, StatTrak)

Montgomery County Police Department (SpeedAlert 24, ATS 5 Trailer)

British Columbia Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure  Shield 15

“Hilltown” Police Dept. California Shield 15, SA 18, SA24

Cedar Hill TX Police Dept. Small town, SH 12, SA 24, Enforcement prioritization, resolving complaints

Greenfield WI Police Dept. Speed Summary report, SA 24 trailer, SA 18, two Sh 12

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