Purchase Options

Retrofit or Trade In

Let us retrofit your existing ATS sign to make it TraffiCloud-ready, so you can bring it onto the TraffiCloud Remote Management Platform with minimal cost. Or, trade in your used ATS or non-ATS radar speed display or variable message sign and receive a credit towards a new device.  Purchase two years of TraffiCloud with your ATS trade-in and receive up to a $2000 trade-in credit on your new device.


Test Drive

Product Test Drive

Try an ATS product before you buy. Take a product test drive in your community for two weeks. Contact us for details.



GSA-Approved Vendor

If you are eligible to purchase products or services on GSA, All Traffic Solutions is an approved GSA contract holder. All Traffic Solutions GSA contract number: GS-07F-6092R.


New Jersey – NJ Start

All Traffic Solutions is an approved vendor for the state of New Jersey. The contract number is 17-FLEET-00776, NJSTART TO106 Law Enforcement Firearms Equipment & Supplies, which includes all of our products.

Texas BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing

All Traffic Solutions is a BuyBoard awarded vendor in the state of Texas.  Government entities can achieve better pricing on any of our products.


Utah Division of Purchasing and General Services (DAS)

All Traffic Solutions is a DAS-approved vendor for Radar Speed Signs, Driver Feedback Signs and Speed Feedback Trailers.  ATS products included in the contract are Shield 12 and Shield 15 radar speed signs, SpeedAlert 18 and SpeedAlert 24 radar message signs, and the ATS 3 Trailer. Utah state contract number: PD2832.

All Traffic Solutions is also a DAS-approved vendor for Speed Lidar Devices. The ATS product included in the contract is DragonEye Speed Lidar.  Utah state contract number: MA3046.

e-VA Virginia

All Traffic Solutions is an eVA-approved vendor for Radar and Lidar. The ATS product included in the contract is DragonEye Speed LidarVirginia state contract number: E194-2096.

Delaware eMarketplace

All Traffic Solutions is an approved vendor of Police Radar, Lidar, Parts and Equipment for the state of Delaware. ATS products included in the contract are the DragonEye Speed Lidar and DragonEye Compact Lidar. Delaware state contract number: GSS18639-POLICE_RADR.



All Traffic Solutions was named a COSTAR Supplier by the Department of General Services, simplifying the procurement of traffic safety products for Pennsylvania municipalities, local government units and school districts.

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program through which registered and eligible local public procurement units and state-affiliated entities can leverage contracts established by DGS to cost-effectively and efficiently identify suppliers with whom to do business. For information on eligibility and membership, visit the COSTAR website.