ATS Radar Speed Trailers with Messaging

ATS 5 radar speed trailer with speed dependent messaging
ATS 3 radar speed trailer

ATS Radar Speed Trailers with Messaging

Combat your toughest traffic, safety, and messaging challenges with our multipurpose message and radar speed trailers that are easy to use and built to last. Our ultra-portable sign trailers allow you to use your radar speed displays and variable message signs wherever and whenever you need them, year-round. The continuous weld steel frame and marine-grade powder coat finish can withstand heavy rain, snow, ice, and extreme temperatures without rusting.

Use Cases:
  • Calm traffic and increase speed awareness
  • Communicate to motorists and pedestrians
  • Redirect traffic during accidents or events
  • Conduct traffic studies
  • Resolve speeding complaints and capture license plates
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Solar charging option
  • Anti-rust coating
  • No-hassle transport to wherever you need

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ATS 5 radar speed trailer with speed dependent messaging

ATS 5 Trailer

The ATS 5 trailer’s compact size and maneuverability make it easy to grab motorists’ attention wherever necessary. This sign board trailer, used in combination with using our larger sign options (SpeedAlert 24 and InstAlert 24) and flashing red and blue strobes, effectively slows speeding drivers, calms traffic, and communicates important messages to drivers and pedestrians with high visibility.

Recommended Signs for the ATS 5 Trailer:

ATS 5 Trailer with ALPR

Power your ATS 5 radar speed and message trailer with Automated License Plate Recognition intelligence. This ATS 5 speed trailer with camera can come with an ALPR camera already built in or ALPR-ready so you can easily attach a camera of your choice to the back of the trailer. Capture the license plates of passing vehicles, adding another layer of versatility and enforcement to this multipurpose trailer. 

Reach out to your Territory Manager to learn about the range of cameras that are compatible with our ALPR-ready radar speed trailer.

Recommended Signs for the ATS 5 with ALPR Trailer:

ATS 3 radar speed trailer

ATS 3 Trailer

The ATS 3 radar speed trailer’s mobility and user-friendliness make it perfect for resolving neighborhood speeding complaints. It eliminates the need for a permanent pole to mount your smaller signs on, so you can calm traffic, collect data, or share alerts wherever needed. Its compact design makes it convenient to deploy, and its pole rotates 360 degrees so you can point your sign in any direction, regardless of how the speed trailer is parked.

Recommended Signs for the ATS 3 Trailer:

We now have dual-purpose speed and message trailers that provide valuable data we can use to clear complaints and calm traffic.

Officer John Powell
Montgomery County, Maryland Police Department