ATS 5 Trailer with ALPR

Automatic License Plate Recognition System

Power Your ATS 5 Trailer with Mobile ALPR Intelligence

Our all-in-one automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system is designed to simplify deployments from specification through installation.

Versatile and accurate, ALPR is ideal for a range of applications.

  • Capture license plates at high speeds on streets and highways
  • Cover major city access points for wanted vehicles
  • Locate vehicle owners who have outstanding arrest warrants or unpaid parking tickets
  • Conduct crime and convoy analysis to accelerate investigations
  • Identify cruising vehicles
  • Assist in missing person searches
  • Know exactly who is on your university or corporate campus


Equipped with high-resolution ALPR and context cameras as well as on-board illumination, the unit covers a wide field-of-view and provides high-quality images, day or night.

On-board image processing and analysis  Only plate read data is transferred over the network for decreased data load on the network and server. The cameras are not dependent on the server,  providing uninterrupted coverage even when connectivity goes down.

Simplified Specification
and Installation

All-in-one ALPR unit connects to power and data using a single off-the-shelf Ethernet cable for fast deployment. As a varifocal camera, the reading distance and magnification are adjustable on site, reducing system design and specification effort.


On-board ALPR processing
Ensures performance and scalability

Varifocal cameras
Ease specification and design

IP67-rated enclosure
Allows for operation in extreme weather conditions and harsh environments

Built-in Illumination
For around-the-clock operation

Read license plates
Only plate read data is transferred over the network to keep cellular charges in check

The ATS 5 Trailer is compatible with all of our radar speed displays, as well as the InstAlert 18 and InstAlert 24 variable message signs, for situations when trailer mounted equipment is the best option.

  • Extremely Portable:
    Lightweight & compact, the ATS 5 trailer is easily moved to and from needed locations. Built for ease of deployment, the trailer has a simple manual lever lift system for 1-person setup.
  • Quality DOT Approved Construction:
    Continuous weld steel frame with white marine-grade powder coat finish. Vented, locked cabinet with aluminum diamond plate lid. The ATS 5 trailer comes with recessed tail lights and DOT approved lighting and red/white reflective tape.
  • Flexible Power Options:
    Trailer power configurations allow for autonomous, long-term operation. 235 Ah or 470 Ah and flooded deep cycle batteries; 40W, 60W, 80W or 100W solar panels.