InstAlert Variable Message Signs – 2023 Draft

InstAlert Variable Message Signs

Rapidly display custom messages wherever they are needed with the most portable, durable, and easy-to-use traffic message boards available.

InstAlert 18 and InstAlert 24 are preferred for their remote management capabilities, quick set-up and deployment, portability, and versatility:

Lightweight and portable: Weighs just 43 lbs., and is the only variable message sign on the market that folds in half to easily fit in the trunk of a vehicle.

Quick and easy to set up: One person can deploy and take down in a couple of minutes.

Simple, universal mounting: Mount our portable changeable message sign on a portable post, pole, trailer or vehicle hitch.

Durably built in the USA: welded aluminum enclosure, concealed mounting hardware, shatterproof Lexan and graffiti-resistant powder-coat make InstAlert extremely rugged in any weather and built to last for over a decade. Complies with the Buy America Act and the Buy American Act.

Flexible Power Options: Accommodates almost any power source including Lithium battery, Integrated Solar, AC or trailer.

Extremely versatile: Display up to six screens of custom text, chevrons, and/or images.

Eliminate Data File Management: Upload data automatically, generate and share ready-made reports from a computer or tablet. Easy-to-use interface with dashboard convenience.  Requires TraffiCloud subscription

Alerts: Set email or text alerts for high-speed violators, low batteries and tampering.  Requires TraffiCloud subscription

Smart scheduling: Schedule messages in advance for specific days and times.

Other features include: Share emergency alerts, traffic information, travel times, detours, parking and event locations, weather updates, pedestrian crossings and more

Access and monitor InstAlert from anywhere with TraffiCloud®:

Program your portable variable message signs from your office, home, or on the go using ATS TraffiCloud web-based software.

Change multiple signs’ messages simultaneously: Update one or all of your portable vms sign messages in almost real time with just a few clicks from your computer, tablet or phone*.

Smart scheduling: Schedule messages in advance for specific days and times.

Receive Alerts: Set email or text alerts for low batteries and tampering. for all of your variable message signs*.

*requires TraffiCloud subscription. 

Request More Product Info:

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[InstAlert] has been the most requested asset that we have in our arsenal.

– Keenan Campbell, Director of Bureau County EMA

I like [InstAlert]… they’re sturdy, they’re durable, and they hold up.

– George Willoughby, Purchasing/Logistics Supervisor, Virginia Department of Health

Being able to have that ability, literally within 10 minutes I can change the message sign…it’s instantaneous…it’s the versatility on a dime that’s just so, so helpful for us.

– Sgt. Trent Stephens, Pierce County EMA