TraffiCloud Web-based Traffic Device and Data Management System

All your traffic devices and data in one place. Manage every component of your traffic safety program with TraffiCloud®.

TraffiCloud is the secure, web-based traffic management ecosystem that makes it quick and easy to access, monitor and manage all your traffic devices, dynamic messaging and data from any Internet-connected device.

  • View dashboards and reports of all collected data, or just one traffic device
  • Make more insightful traffic management decisions based on real-time data analytics from all your traffic program components
  • Run six ready-made reports in seconds right out of the box!
  • Remotely manage all connected devices and dynamic messages — regardless of manufacturer— from one central location
  • Improve workflows, optimize resources and cut down on workforce hours

The TraffiCloud Traffic Suite includes all the features you need for effective and efficient traffic program management. Traffic Suite features can also be purchased individually.

*TraffiCloud leverages our patented technology (US Patents 8,417,442; 8,755,990; 9,070,287; 9,411,893) to deliver unique cloud-based management, features and functionality.


Create your traffic management platform of the future.

tc-equipment-managementEquipment Management:

Manage your equipment settings from any Internet-connected computer including changing sign messages singly or in bulk— and make changes live in under one minute.


Manage your entire program through an intuitive visual interface. Interactive maps provide a window to all system information.


Save time collecting, compiling and distributing information. Identify trends to allocate resources and be proactive. Schedule reports for recurring email delivery to whomever you designate.


Receive email or text alerts with images and GPS locations for low batteries, tampering, congestion, high-risk speeding, new sites, and more. Assign recipients by unit and alert type.

tc-image-managementImage Management:

Achieve greater awareness with alarms or by requesting generated images.* Capture images based on speed, tampering, time intervals or upon request. Review, edit, print and act on useful images.

*Images can be used to identify vehicle make and color but are not ALPR quality

tc-premiercarePremier Care Plan:

This warranty includes remote diagnostics and savings for as long as you’re
subscribed to TraffiCloud.

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TraffiCloud Terms and Conditions

Seamlessly manage all your devices and data in TraffiCloudregardless of manufacturerfrom any Internet-ready device. Learn More.


TraffiCloud is a registered trademark of All Traffic Solutions, Inc.
TraffiCloud leverages our patented technology (US Patents 8417442; 8755990; 9070287; 9411893) to deliver unique cloud-based management, features and functionality.

[The data and statistics from TraffiCloud] makes the community safer. It allows us to address the speed problems in the area and put our resources where there actually are problems.

– Lt. Damon Knapp, Sturgis, MI PD

The Data is phenomenal. My only regret is that we didn’t start using it sooner.

– Traffic Sergeant Steven Ha, Laguna Beach Police Department