StatTrak Portable Vehicle Counter Classifier

Watch how easy it is to install a StatTrak

The StatTrak portable vehicle counter classifier records traffic speed and volume and installs on an existing pole, on the roadside or median, in under five minutes. StatTrak lets you perform accurate vehicle counts and basic vehicle classification on multilane, bidirectional or unidirectional traffic, then download data for fast, real-time reporting.


The StatTrak portable vehicle counter classifier is a 3-lb. powerhouse. Small and stealthy, StatTrak can measure two lanes of traffic from the roadside and four from the median. It captures vehicle speeds for stealth traffic and speed studies.
  • Non-intrusive Sensing Technology
    Uses a microwave-based sensor, long-range wireless connectivity and extremely low power
  • Portable
    Weighs just 3 lbs. including the built-in rechargeable battery pack.
  • Off-road Installation and Operation
    One person is all it takes to install StatTrak on just about any pole or on the median. No dispatching a crew to direct traffic and install road tubes, only to repeat the process later to move equipment to a new location.
  • Fast Setup
    Setup is quick and easy—StatTrak beeps when it’s reading vehicles in the direction(s) you choose.
  • Vehicle Counts and Classification
    StatTrak records vehicle counts by direction and basic classification (small, medium and large), which is important if you want to determine the amount of commercial traffic you’re getting at a particular location.
  • Remote Management
    Use TraffiCloud for remote monitoring and management, and run a variety of volume, speed and classification reports in seconds. See at a glance what’s happening on the road, when it’s happening.
  • Speed Measurement Capabilities
    StatTrak is ideal for running stealth speed studies. Small and non-intrusive, it captures vehicle speeds without alerting drivers or changing their behavior.  Use TraffiCloud to view and download traffic volume reports and charts by time, direction, day and more.
  • Amazing Battery Life & Flexible Power Options
    StatTrak can be operated either using a solar panel for unlimited runtime—even under cloudy or wintry conditions—or with the built-in battery pack, which provides up to two weeks of run time.