StatTrak Portable Vehicle Counter Classifier

Traffic Data Collectors

StatTrak and StatTrak-E are discreet cloud-connected traffic counting devices that make it easy to run quick traffic studies. Record vehicle counts, speeds, and classification, and access your data remotely!

  • Versatility & Range: Collect accurate and trustworthy information on vehicle counts, speeds, and classification (small, medium, and large). Capture traffic data for up to four lane roadways bidirectionally or for two lanes of traffic, moving in the same or opposite directions.
  • Simple & Rapid Deployment: StatTrak & StatTrak-E vehicle counters and classifiers are compact, lightweight, and easy for one person to install on a roadside pole in under five minutes and move as needed for your traffic data collection needs.
  • Reporting & Remote Accessibility: Units with a TraffiCloud® subscription automatically upload data to our secure, user-friendly online portal. Log into TraffiCloud from anywhere to manage all of your All Traffic Solutions devices and account sites in one place. Download customizable traffic reports that display your road traffic data collection in clear-cut charts, graphs, and tables. Export reports as PDF, Excel, CSV, or HTML files for easy sharing! Data can also be retrieved locally if desired.
  • Extended Runtime: The built-in battery pack provides 11-21 days of runtime and recharges fast, ensuring minimal downtime for your traffic counter and classifier. Traffic data collectors can also be solar-powered to achieve unlimited runtime!*
*Dependent upon weather conditions and device placement

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