Shield Radar Speed Sign

Shield Radar Speed Signs

Shield is the fastest-deploying, most rugged radar speed sign available – web-enabled for collecting data and remote management.

Shield 12 and Shield 15 radar speed signs lead the industry in quality and durability:

  • Lightweight and Portable: The Shield weighs just 12 or 18 lbs including mount, so you’ll use your sign more often, in more places and achieve better results.
  • Simple, Universal Mounting:  One person can mount and deploy a Shield in minutes on pole, post, trailer or hitch. Permanent or portable mounting, it’s up to you. (See video on this page.)
  • Durable Construction: The Shield is extremely rugged and weatherproof, with welded aluminum enclosure, concealed mounting hardware, shatterproof Lexan and graffiti-resistant powder coat.
  • MUTCD Compliant: Meets the MUTCD minimum requirement of 12” digit size.
  • Amazing Battery Life / Flexible Power Options: Achieve up to several weeks of run time on a single charge. The dedicated compartment allows all-weather battery replacement. Accommodates almost any power source including Lithium battery, Integrated Solar, AC or trailer.
  • Remote Accessibility: Access and monitor the Shield radar speed sign from anywhere with an Internet connection using the ATS TraffiCloud web-based Remote Management Service.
  • Eliminate Data File Management: Upload data automatically, generate and share ready-made reports from computer or tablet. Easy-to-use interface with dashboard convenience.*requires TraffiCloud subscription
  • Receive Alerts: Get email or text alerts for tampering, low batteries and high-speed violators. *requires TraffiCloud subscription

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Want a radar speed sign that also displays variable and speed-dependent messages?

Check out SpeedAlert Radar message signs with variable messaging and remote management!

Shield Radar Speed Sign

Control Interface

TraffiCloudTraffiCloudMore Info

TraffiCloud Features

  • Control equipment from any internet connected computer
  • Multiple users can be set up with permissions to control signs or just to access reports
  • Cloud based and Turnkey – No IT. Unit works out of the box.
  • TraffiCloud Traffic Suite subscription includes Premier Care – A perpetual warranty
  • Contact ATS for information on this subscription service
  • more info on TraffiCloud
ATS MobileATS Mobile More Info

ATS Mobile Features

  • Your Android device or ours
  • Many sizes available
  • Automatic upgrades
  • TraffiCloud Traffic Suite subscription includes Premier Care – A perpetual warranty
  • Traffic Data synced to server for free
PCPC More Info

PC Interface Features

  • Web based – you always have the most current version
  • Limited version of TraffiCloud (upgrade to TraffiCloud service anytime and collected data is available)
  • Use online or offline
  • Bluetooth or USB connection to the sign
On-BoardOn-Board More Info

On-Board Controls

  • Critical settings right on the unit
  • No extra device required in field
  • Intuitive control – easy to use
  • Tamper proof


LithiumLithium More Info

Lithium Batteries

  • Compact with high energy density
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate technology – safe and up to 1000 recharge cycles
  • 10Ah and 16Ah versions available, units fit up to 2 (Shield 12 accepts 10Ah only)
  • One connector fits Shield and charger
  • 3A automatic charger, 100-240VAC input
SolarSolar More Info

Solar Panel

  • 40 or 60W Panels – Let ATS size your panel
  • Solar controller to prevent overcharging battery
  • Adjustable mounting bracket and wiring included, armored wire casing available
  • Uses sealed lead acid batteries (Solar charging Lithium batteries not recommended.)
  • Shield easily removeable from solar enclosure to move to another location
  • Contact ATS for system sizing and installation tips
ACAC More Info

AC Power

  • 120 or 220VAC input; 6A 12VDC output
  • Waterproof enclosure
  • Shield easily removeable from AC supply to move to another location
  • Surge supressor installed
TrailerTrailer More Info

Trailer Power

  • Three battery capacity options – 100Ah, 235Ah or 470Ah
  • Sealed (100Ah) or Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Solar Option – 40W, 60W, 80W or 120W panel
  • Vented, locked cabinet, armored wire casing available
  • Built in potted 10A charger with AC input external to battery box


Pole Bracket(Includes 1)Pole Bracket More Info

Shield Pole Bracket

  • One included with each Shield
  • Mount with carriage bolts, banding, lag bolts or U-bolts
  • Tamper resistant – Bracket prevents access to hardware, controls and batteries
  • Easy mounting with push lock on Shield
  • Purchase extra brackets and put one in each location to make moves even easier
TrailerTrailer More Info

Trailer with Shield 12

  • 12 VDC system, Std 4 pin wiring plug
  • 90W solar assist with 10 Amp solar controller to prevent overcharging
  • Theft-proofing lockable tongue coupler and wheel locking rod
  • Compatible with: Shield 12 (Sh12) radar speed display, Shield 15 (Sh15) radar speed display, SpeedAlert 18 (SA18) radar message sign, InstAlert 18 ( IA18) variable message sign
Portable PolePortable Pole More Info

Portable Post

  • Easy to fold
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Uses standard mounting bracket
Hitch MountHitch Mount More Info

Hitch Mount

  • Fits 1 1/4″ or 2″ Receiver
  • Unit runs on internal batteries or vehicle
  • Secure – can be locked to vehicle
  • Mounts using standard pole bracket
  • Telescoping version available


Padded Carry CaseShield Carrying Case More Info

Shield Padded Carrying Case

  • Padded case protects Shield during transport
  • Pockets for accessories
  • Shoulder Strap included