SpeedAlert Radar Message Signs

SpeedAlert Radar Message Signs

Portable multipurpose radar message signs combine messages with radar feedback.
Web-enabled for data collection and remote management.

SpeedAlert radar message signs combine radar feedback and messaging, so you’ll use it more often in more situations.


  • Multipurpose: Give drivers immediate feedback by displaying messages specific to their speed (“Slow Down”, “Too Fast!”, “Have a Nice Day”); or display dedicated messages (“Flood Warning”, “Amber Alert”) depending on your needs at the time.
  • Simple, Universal Mounting: Mount the SpeedAlert radar message sign on a portable post, pole, ultra-portable trailer or vehicle hitch in just minutes.
  • Durable Construction: The welded aluminum enclosure, concealed mounting hardware, shatterproof Lexan and graffiti-resistant powder-coat make the SpeedAlert radar message sign extremely rugged and durable. Weatherproof, too!
  • Flexible Power Options: Accommodates almost any power source including Lithium battery, Integrated Solar, AC or trailer. A dedicated compartment allows simple battery exchange in any weather.
  • Remote Management: Remotely access and monitor the SpeedAlert radar message sign  from anywhere with an Internet connection and browser using the ATS TraffiCloud Remote Management Service.
  • Eliminate Data File Management: Upload data automatically, generate and share ready-made reports from computer or tablet. Easy-to-use interface with dashboard convenience.  Requires TraffiCloud subscription
  • Alerts: Set email or text alerts for high-speed violators, low batteries and tampering.  Requires TraffiCloud subscription
  • Other features include: Display speed data or speed-dependent messages, ability to program to different modes, easy-to-manage onboard buttons, collect volume and speed data even when sign is in message mode, local setting changes, flashing red and blue violator strobe, and ability to take daytime awareness images.

Want a more compact radar speed sign without the messaging component?

Check out our Shield Radar speed signs! Rigorously tested and listed on Florida’s Approved Product List.

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Watch this SpeedAlert 24
speed trailer in action:

The SpeedAlert 18” trailers were instrumental in monitoring and slowing approaching vehicles to allow for safe pedestrian crossing.  Compared to a 4-week analysis taken in November 2021, a 106% increase in traffic flow was documented by the SpeedAlert 18” trailers in May 2022. The All Traffic Solutions equipment was key in ensuring the safe and efficient flow of over 99,000 vehicles during these events.

– University of Nebraska at Omaha

The [SpeedAlert] is so versatile and the quality is second to none.

– Chris Hatton, Chief of Police, Sylva Police Department

The energy-efficient signs display real-time vehicle speeds and flash a “slow down” message with red and blue lights to speeding drivers while law abiding drivers get a “Thank you” Message! These signs made such a positive impact on our community.

– Elizabeth Township

SpeedAlert Radar Message Signs

Control Interface

TraffiCloud More Info

TraffiCloud Features

  • Control equipment from any internet connected computer
  • Multiple users can be set up with permissions to control signs or just to access reports
  • Cloud based and Turnkey – No IT. Unit works out of the box.
  • TraffiCloud Traffic Suite subscription includes Premier Care – A perpetual warranty
  • Contact ATS for information on this subscription service
  • more info on TraffiCloud
ATS MobileATS Mobile More Info

ATS Mobile Features

  • Your Android device or ours
  • Many sizes available
  • Automatic upgrades
  • TraffiCloud Traffic Suite subscription includes Premier Care – A perpetual warranty
  • Traffic Data synced to server for free
PCPC More Info

PC Interface Features

  • Web based – you always have the most current version
  • Limited version of TraffiCloud (upgrade to TraffiCloud service anytime and collected data is available)
  • Use online or offline
  • Bluetooth or USB connection to the sign
On-BoardOn-Board More Info

On-Board Controls

  • Critical settings right on the unit
  • No extra device required in field
  • Intuitive control – easy to use
  • Tamper proof


Lithium (SA 18 only) Lithium More Info

Lithium Batteries

  • Compact with high energy density
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate technology – safe and up to 1000 recharge cycles
  • 10Ah and 16Ah versions available, units fit up to 2 (Shield 12 accepts 10Ah only)
  • One connector fits Shield and charger
  • 3A automatic charger, 100-240VAC input
PowerCase PowerCase More Info

PowerCase PC36 and PC26

  • PC36: 36Ah capacity, about 30 hours sign use (left in picture)
  • PC26: 26Ah capacity, about 20 hours sign use (right in picture)
  • Built in 6Amp charger
  • PC36 includes inverter for on vehicle charging
  • Watertight, high visibility, high impact case
  • Receptacle for instALERT or SpeedAlert plug built in
SolarSolar More Info

Solar Panel

  • 40 or 60W Panels – Let ATS size your panel
  • Solar controller to prevent overcharging battery
  • Adjustable mounting bracket and wiring included, armored wire casing available
  • Uses sealed lead acid batteries (Solar charging Lithium batteries not recommended.)
  • iA18 or SA18 easily removeable from solar enclosure to move to another location
  • Contact ATS for system sizing and installation tips
ACAC More Info

AC Power

  • 120 or 220VAC input; 6A 12VDC output
  • Waterproof enclosure
  • iA18 and SA18 easily removeable from AC supply to move to another location
  • Surge supressor installed
TrailerTrailer More Info

Trailer Power

  • Two battery capacity options – 235Ah or 470Ah
  • Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Solar Option – 60W, 80W or 120W panel
  • Vented, locked cabinet, armored wire casing available
  • Built in potted 10A charger with AC input external to battery box


Pole Bracket – (Includes 1)Pole Bracket More Info

SA18 Pole Bracket

  • One included with each SA18
  • Mount with carriage bolts, banding, lag bolts or U-bolts
  • Tamper resistant – Bracket prevents access to hardware, controls and batteries
  • Easy mounting with push lock on SA 18
  • Purchase extra brackets and put one in each location to make moves even easier
Pole Bracket – SA 24 Pole Bracket More Info

SpeedAlert 24/instALERT 24 Bracket

  • Same bracket used on portable post, hitch mount and pole
  • Mount with carriage bolts, straps, lag bolts or U-bolts
  • Tamper resistant – Bracket prevents access to hardware once unit mounted
  • Easy mounting with lock tabs, tabs can be locked in place
  • Purchase extra brackets and put one in each location making moves even easier
TrailerTrailer More Info

Trailer with SpeedAlert 18 or SpeedAlert 24

  • Batteries – 235Ah or 470Ah
  • Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Solar Option – 60W, 80W or 120W panel
  • Vented, locked cabinet
  • Units can be removed from trailer and used with standard mounting brackets
Portable Pole Pole More Info

Portable Post

  • Easy to fold
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Uses standard mounting bracket
Hitch Mount Hitch More Info

Hitch Mount

  • Fits 1 1/4″ or 2″ Receiver
  • Unit runs on internal batteries or vehicle
  • Secure – can be locked to vehicle
  • Mounts using standard pole bracket
  • Telescoping version available


Padded Carry Case Bag More Info

SpeedALERT Padded Carrying Case

  • Padded case protects SpeedALERT during transport
  • Pockets for accessories
  • Shoulder Strap included