ATS 5 Speed Trailer

The ATS 5 Speed Trailer is compatible with all of our radar speed displays and radar speed signs, as well as the InstAlert 18 and InstAlert 24 variable message signs, for situations when trailer mounted equipment is the best option.

Roadside traffic calming and stealth speed capture

On roadways to manage traffic flow, provide time to destination information, inform drivers of delays and road closings, and share emergency notifications and weather alerts

In parking garages to warn vehicles when to slow down, for parking guidance and availability, notifications such as pedestrian presence, and to display current pricing

Events For parking guidance, directions in and out of the area, and to notify of traffic delays and alternate routes.

Work zones to warn drivers to slow down for worker, pedestrian and driver safety

Available with optional ALPR.


  • Extremely Portable:
    Lightweight and compact, the ATS 5 Speed Trailer is easy to move to and from each location. Built for ease of deployment, the trailer has a simple manual lever lift system for 1-person setup.
  • Quality DOT-Approved Construction:
    Continuous weld steel frame with white marine-grade powder coat finish. Vented, locked cabinet with an aluminum diamond plate lid. The ATS 5 Speed Trailer comes with recessed tail lights and DOT-approved lighting and red/white reflective tape.
  • Flexible Power Options:
    Trailer power configurations allow for autonomous, long-term operation. 235 Ah or 470 Ah and flooded deep cycle batteries; 40W, 60W, 80W or 100W solar panels.