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Accurate & Streamlined Parking Solutions

Parking Solutions For 2021 and Beyond

With public transportation options low and/or non-existent in 2020, more and more Americans purchased personal vehicles to get to work, appointments, or go shopping. This trend will continue in 2021, which brings up the issue of available parking for all cars, but especially for corporate campuses, universities, and hospitals. 

So how can businesses communicate parking availability effectively, with real-time notifications, to those who are in search of parking? Taking action now is key. Utilize parking solutions from All Traffic Solutions, including the revolutionary ParkingCloud and ParkTrak Parking Counting Systems, both of which can help businesses create more streamlined and seamless parking management for their patrons. 

ParkingCloud Provides An All-In-One Solution

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have real-time parking analytics at the tip of your fingertips, and on a single customizable dashboard, so that you can manage parking availability and capacity? ParkingCloud™ is the solution to parking management in garages, surface lots, and on-street parking. It integrates all of the ATS parking solutions, including our InstAlert Variable Messaging Signs and ParkTrak Parking Counting System, among others, in one place – thereby giving you the ability to truly oversee and manage parking options and better communicate to those who are in search of parking. Based on a secure, web-based cloud system, ParkingCloud™ gives you a central view of your entire parking operation and provides the ability for customized reports for any time of day as well as directed texts and emails for parking alerts. 

ParkTrak Parking Counting System Reduces Frustration and Maximizes Parking Efficiency

ATS’ ParkTrak is the best way for businesses to help count their available parking and at over 99% accuracy. Easy to install in less than a day, with no interruption to traffic and no cutting cement, asphalt or gravel, ParkTrak utilizes lasers and directional logic to track car entries and exits and is much more accurate than cameras or loops. It can identify the difference between a car and a pedestrian and counts vehicles either in one direction or bidirectional. Businesses need simply to enter the minimum and a maximum number of vehicles and once it’s installed, just listen for the beep to know it’s working. The parking availability can then be transmitted automatically to ATS’ Variable Messaging Signs to communicate how much parking is available, reducing frustration and maximizing efficiency. 

ParkTrak is not only easy to install, but at a fraction of the infrastructure cost due to only needing low voltage. ParkTrak reporting is a simple data download via any internet connection. ParkTrak seamlessly integrates with ATS’ ParkingCloud™, and provides real-time parking data that can be downloaded anytime and from anywhere. 

With the vast number of cars projected to be on the roads this year and for years to come, managing your business’s parking availability and communicating it to those who are visiting you are crucially important. Partnering with ATS and implementing revolutionary solutions that are easy to install, integrate and analyze, will give your customers a much better overall experience immediately and for any future visits. Planning now and implementing ParkingCloud™ and ParkTrak will ensure you are prepared with the right solutions and systems. Contact us to inquire about ATS parking solutions. 

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Black Friday 2020: What To Expect

Black Friday will look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! This year our nation has adapted new health and safety guidelines as we continue to fight Covid-19, and Black Friday is no exception.

Here is what you can expect for Black Friday 2020.

Ample Parking

Or maybe better said, different uses of the parking lot. Many zoning and planning requirements had the expected Black Friday capacity as the key metric for center designs. With fewer in-store “shoppers”, expect those spots to be used instead for outdoor pop-up shopping tents and contactless curbside pickup. Best Buy and Macy’s will have contactless curbside pickup and expanded same-day delivery available. Many others are doing the same. Personally, I think that curbside pickup whether for retail or restaurants is one of the best ways to help support those businesses.

More Online Deals Than Ever Before

black friday shopping

In the past, many Americans have flocked to major retailers hoping to get some of the best deals of the season. Cue the images and videos of large crowds standing body to body in long lines. This is something that will be avoided this year as Black Friday deals can be shopped online. This will help to ensure no large crowds occur that could increase the spread of COVID-19. 

Many of the most well-known retailers have given public access to Black Friday deals online already, with more to come the week of Thanksgiving. In fact, some of the deals are online only to encourage people to shop from home. 

Walmart’s popular doorbusters are going online-only to keep crowds from gathering at its store.

Closed on Thanksgiving

Over the years more and more stores began opening Thanksgiving night. This year many stores have announced they will be closed for Thanksgiving. 

For the first time since the 1980s, Walmart will close its stores on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, I didn’t think it went back that far, either. Best Buy and other retailers have followed suit. We recommend calling your favorite store ahead of time before going out Thanksgiving night and on Black Friday. Or just stay home. Watch some football. Play some games. Enjoy what will likely be a smaller but safer family gathering.

Safety Precautions

Clearly, we are not over COVID-19. Under advisement by the CDC, many states have encouraged a limit on family gatherings to help prevent the spread. Pennsylvania recently announced an order requiring anyone who visits from another state to have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to entering the commonwealth. 

It is safe to assume all stores will have COVID-19 protocols in place and limits on how many people are allowed in the building at once. 

Walmart will have mask requirements, plastic barriers at the checkout and will be enforcing social distancing. Walmart employees will also count customers to try and reduce congestion to allow for social distancing. 

Walmart aims to not exceed five customers per roughly 1,000 square feet. That ends up equalling about 20% of a store’s capacity. 

Target is also increasing safety features in stores, including contactless payment in the Target app, reducing lines by having employees roam the store to let customers pay, and letting shoppers make reservations.

Black Friday Online Shopping

Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and more have all announced their Black Friday deals and some are already available online. Check out the list below to access the deals or learn more about what to expect while Black Friday shopping this year:

However you choose to shop this Black Friday and for the rest of the holiday season, be smart and stay safe. The All Traffic Solutions Team wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.


By Andy Souders
CEO, All Traffic Solutions

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Survey Results: Parking Industry Insights During COVID-19 and Beyond

Many industries have been impacted by COVID-19, including the parking industry. To say 2020 has been difficult is quite the understatement. All Traffic Solutions partnered with Parking Today to survey colleges and universities, municipalities, and other organizations to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the parking industry. We received 130 total responses and below are the results.

parking survey resultsThe majority of survey respondents were in a role in parking management. Including roles, such as:

  • Director of Parking Enterprise (Municipality)
  • Parking Programs Manager (College/University)
  • Assistant Parking Manager (Municipality)
  • Director, Parking and Transportation (College/University)
  • Director of Operations (College/University)
  • City Parking Manager (Municipality)

survey participants

Let’s dive into the survey results.


“What parking challenges have you been facing during the COVID-19 pandemic?” 

parking survey results

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were fearful as there was a lot of uncertainty around the coronavirus and how COVID-19 would spread. As a result, many people did not leave their homes. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that almost 85% of all survey participants said that the biggest parking challenge they have faced is that parking has been down in general.

Of the respondents who did not select this, nearly all of them indicated as part of their response some kind of change related to a reduction in business related to the pandemic.

“How has COVID impacted your parking operations?”

Similar to the first question, the majority of the survey respondents indicated in one way or another that the lack of parkers has significantly impacted revenues, staffing, and operations in general.

Below are quotes provided in the survey as it relates to the specified organization:

For Colleges and Universities:

“University classes being offered entirely online have severely impacted demand for parking/permits.”

For Municipalities:

“Our revenues are down about 15%.  We are also concerned with how to safely enforce parking and still provide assistance to the general public.”

For Commercial Parking Operators:

“Complying with social distancing and keeping employees safe”

“How has COVID impacted your parking purchasing plans?”

The good news is that we know more about COVID-19 than ever before. There is a better understanding of how the coronavirus is spread and rapid testing is available to slow down the spread of the virus. The more we know, the more comfortable our society becomes and the more comfortable they feel returning back to a sense of normal in terms of their day-to-day activity.

However, across every organization that participated in the survey, most big purchases have been put on hold until they see the demand return. Maintenance continues to be performed and with the lack of parkers, some upgrades are moving forward. One key theme across many of the responses is the move toward frictionless/touchless parking solutions. 

This pandemic has taught us the importance of being prepared. It’s important to be proactive than to wait until your organization is overwhelmed. Let’s put a plan in place now so you are able to operate efficiently when the demand returns. 

Additional feedback and insights from the survey can be found here.

parking solutions for your organization

All Traffic Solutions Can Help During COVID-19 and Beyond

All Traffic Solutions offers a variety of products and technologies that can help the parking industry evolve during and post COVID-19. With COVID-19 safety guidelines in place, many organizations now have a need to display parking availability as it relates to social distancing. The InstAlert Variable Message Signs are used to convey this information to the public to provide guidance on parking availability as it relates to limited spaces due to COVID-19 restrictions. The message that is displayed can be updated in real time with just a few clicks from your computer or tablet! 

ParkTrak technology is used to count spaces in parking lots and garages with a 98% accuracy rate. It’s easy and quick to install. This information is stored in the ParkingCloud and then displayed on the signage. All Traffic Solutions ParkingCloud puts you in the driver’s seat of your data and information. You can manage your parking occupancy and availability with your own user-customizable dashboard. 

Put a plan in place to communicate your parking availability per COVID-19 guidelines. Being proactive is key. Parking will return and the COVID-19 pandemic has showed us that we need to be prepared. Contact us to discuss parking solutions and how these technologies can help your organization. 

About All Traffic Solutions

All Traffic Solutions’ (ATS) smart transportation and parking technologies leverage the cloud, open platforms, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide the most accurate, cost-effective, turnkey solutions designed to solve complex transportation safety and parking challenges. ATS’ open, interoperable platform enables clients to reduce cost, maximize efficiencies, plan proactively, and achieve optimal outcomes. Contact us to learn more about our parking solutions. 


By Andy Souders
CEO, All Traffic Solutions

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How to Gain Real-Time Understanding of Your Parking Availability Using a Smart Cities Approach

If you’re a parking operator, when it comes to having a parking management system that allows you to understand your total parking availability in real time, the deck has been stacked against you. There are many factors that have made it very challenging. In today’s post, we’ll talk about those challenges, and how you can leverage the latest technology to move you closer towards having the right-size, right-fit, right-technology parking system you want but thought you couldn’t have.

The Situation

Parking systems have traditionally been built on platforms that use proprietary software and therefore don’t “talk” to other systems, and don’t provide information and data in real time. Also, the systems required the purchase of a server, plus ongoing IT support.

As a parking facilities manager, how can you gain insights into your entire inventory? Every lot, every garage, all your on-street parking and every premium space?

The answer lies in adopting a smart cities approach to parking.

A smart approach:

  • Leverages your existing hardware and software, together with data analytics, to accomplish more while spending less
  • Utilizes a technology-agnostic strategy so you can use the technology you have and seamlessly add the technologies you want in the future
  • Collects valuable data and then uses it to make the most cost-effective and impactful decisions
  • Integrates all your devices, systems, and data onto a single platform to give you real-time insight into your entire inventory

Here are five best practices your organization can implement now to attain the right parking system for you while continuing to use the systems you already have, to gain a real-time understanding of your total parking inventory.

#1 Automate Using the Cloud

The Cloud can simplify things, allowing you to leverage the IoT (Internet of Things) to connect your parking-related devices so they can “talk” to one another. 

So, your parking counting system could tell your variable message signs the current availability on each level so the signs can share that information with parkers. You can implement dynamic pricing automatically, increasing the hourly parking fee when lots approach a preset threshold to maximize revenue.

When you use these technologies you can monitor all your systems from anywhere using the Internet so they’re easier to manage, improving the parking experience for parkers and operators.

You also want to look for a parking management system that is built using an open-technology platform, which gives you maximum flexibility now and in the future. For example, ParkingCloud from All Traffic Solutions connects all your systems on a single, central platform. This gives you limitless technology choices, independent of your current environment—as complex or as simple as you need them to be. You leverage your existing technology, can add new technologies as they are developed or as your requirements change—without being locked into one vendor’s platform.

#2 Leverage Meaningful Parking Data

To make parking data work for you, you need a system with an open architecture. This allows for easy integration and easy viewing and analysis of data all in one place. Once the data is all in one place, you need the ability to analyze it for decision making and planning. For example, having parking occupancy data in real time and over a period of time allows you to track peak occupancy times, when vehicles enter a garage or lot and leave without paying, and how much inventory you can offer to aggregators to maximize revenue.

#3 Use Real-time Occupancy Data

Real-time occupancy data is one of the most powerful tools parking managers can have. Furnishing real-time occupancy information to parkers alleviates congestion, gets people to open spaces faster and allows them to get to their destination and go about their business, which makes everyone happier. Real-time occupancy data reduces overall frustration and improves safety in and around parking facilities, and allows parking managers to respond faster to issues and better plan for the future.

#4 Slow Speeding Drivers

Drivers are becoming more aggressive, so you need to plan accordingly, whether that involves placing traffic calming signs for speeders in a garage, sending messages to a sign or an app letting drivers know there’s been an accident, or using radar-enabled signs that automatically alert speeding drivers to slow down, the technology now exists for your organization to be proactive in communicating with parkers. Providing timely information helps calm drivers and reduces frustration, which has a positive effect on safety in and around your parking facilities.

#5 On-site Messaging to Communicate with Parkers

Using real-time messaging to communicate vital information to parkers is an essential best practice in parking facilities management. A simple message like, “Accident: Take Alternate Route,”along with a system that reroutes accordingly can be a great way to ease congestion and enhance overall customer, employee and commuter satisfaction.

By implementing these best practices, you now have a centralized cloud-based system that provides insights into your total parking availability so you can improve the customer experience, maximize parking revenue and plan for the future.

For information on how All Traffic Solutions can work with you to build your custom parking solution contact our parking solutions experts today.



Download the Smart Parking Solutions Overview.

Find out more about ATS Smart Parking Solutions.

Read our white paper  How Technology, Data and the IoT are Redefining Parking Facilities Management.

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Open Platforms for Parking Management: Getting the Right Solution that Fits Your Needs

If you’re frustrated about having to use multiple systems to manage your parking availability, guidance, safety and security, access control and vehicle routing—read on. In this post, we’ll talk about what your parking management system can look like today by leveraging an open platform, and show you all that one single parking management system can do for you.

How the IoT Changed Parking Forever

Historically, parking systems were hardware-driven. Whether it was single-slot meters, parking lot access or counting systems, everything was very “closed-architecture”.  No system really talked to another system, so you accessed each one separately—one at a time—and there was no way of connecting any of that information.

About ten to 15 years ago, there started to develop a trend to try to fix that. That trend is the Internet of Things, or IoT for short. IoT essentially means that any device that can connect to the Internet has the ability to capture data, whether it’s your phone, a parking meter or a parking garage gate. We slowly started to see a shift to flexible software mobile solutions, but the key is that they are accessible to the Internet. By being accessible to the Internet, they have the ability to capture and record data so that they can keep it and analyze it over time.

With an IoT-driven, open architecture parking system you can tie all your legacy systems together onto a single, easy-to-use platform that delivers a superior parking experience for parkers, operators and the community.


The ParkingCloud parking management system from All Traffic Solutions uses this open technology for counting, guidance, safety and analytics. ParkingCloud is the only cloud-based IoT platform purpose-built for the parking and transportation industry that integrates all your devices, data, signs and output in one place. With ParkingCloud as your single parking management platform, you no longer have to access each system separately, and you can report on data from all your systems together to give you a holistic view of your entire parking operation.

Let’s take a look at all ParkingCloud can do.

Citywide parking availability gives drivers heads-up parking guidance so they know where to find parking, whether in lots, in garages or metered parking on the street.

Open architecture allows integration with your legacy parking investment so you can continue to use the systems you already have, and can purchase additional systems regardless of what technologies they use without being tied to one vendor.

Provide parking guidance by lot or garage, level or space, including premium spaces. For example, as parkers enter your parking facility, they see a sign informing them of the number of available open spaces—as well as handicapped spaces, visitor spaces, expectant mother spaces—on each level.

Safety measures in and around parking facilities to protect drivers and pedestrians. These measures can include radar speed displays with conditional messaging that tell speeding drivers to slow down and camera-based counting solutions.

Conditional messaging using web-enabled variable message signs directs inbound parkers to facilities with availability (PARKING AT SPRING ST NEXT LEFT), and exiting parkers to less congested routes on entry roads (ACCIDENT ON RT 267– TAKE ALT. ROUTE). Reduces congestion in and around parking areas.

Traffic is routed out of facilities on the fastest routes via heads-up roadside messages. You can even program current travel times to multiple routes and have them automatically update as conditions change.

Access control using license plate recognition, Bluetooth or RFID to help maintain the flow of traffic in commercial and non-commercial facilities.

Trucks are routed to available parking based on remaining drive time hours via their logbook to reduce congestion and idling time (and truck emissions!).

Data and reports are available on demand to help you manage real-time routing and guidance, as well as influence long-term planning. You can run and download the reports in seconds, as well as set up email subscriptions so you (and others if you choose) receive specific reports on an ongoing basis.

Availability data via real-time access for audit and loss control, trend analysis and parker classification.

Open Platform Parking Management is a Game-Changer

When you use the best of the new technologies to optimize parking availability, safety and guidance, the result is a much healthier parking environment. You allow people to get where they need to be faster with no hassle, and you improve the parking experience for everyone. Parking is simpler to manage, more cost-effective and more profitable for your organization.

ParkingCloud does all this:

–Gives you a single view of your entire parking ecosystem
–Allows you to future-proof your investment with an open, extensible platform
–Accommodates your existing infrastructure
–Leverages cloud-based SaaS and PaaS economies so you don’t have to build your own customized solution

Download more information about what parking looks like in 2018.

Visit our smart parking solutions page.

Contact us today to speak with a parking solutions expert.

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