ParkingCloud: Smart Parking Availability and Guidance Solutions

ParkingCloud Overview  |  Counting  |  Guidance  |  Data & Analytics

Our smart parking availability and guidance solutions make it easy and cost-effective to solve your most complex parking management challenges.

We’re making parking better. ParkingCloud™ is the only cloud-based platform built specifically for the parking, transportation and traffic industries that integrates all your devices, data and output in one place, so you always have access to all your important data and information.

With ParkingCloud, your technology choices are limitless, regardless of your current environment. Keep your existing technology and seamlessly add new technology and devices as your requirements change, without being locked into one vendor’s platform.

Understand parking availability on a holistic level with greater than 99% accuracy

Direct parkers to open spaces and premium spots via message signs, apps or your website

Access real-time and historical availability data, dashboards and reports

Seamlessly integrate with all your parking systems in real time

ParkingCloud is:

  • Device-agnostic: Connect any device from any manufacturer
  • Single data platform: Access data from any source in one system
  • Connected: Integrate devices, data, reporting and instructions from any location, anytime
  • Simplified: Everything in one location, accessible from one dashboard


Always know your inventory and availability in real time, using cost-effective sensors, real-time data collection and customized vehicle guidance systems. Combine with our parking guidance solution, and reporting and analytics for seamless parking availability management.

  • Automatically count vehicles entering and exiting your lots, garages and parking spaces
  • Provide zone or lot counts for guidance, planning or individual vehicle tracking
  • Leverage your existing technology, our technology or any combination that meets your requirements

With the widest range of counting devices to choose from, ParkingCloud’s open architecture allows us to design the best-fit solution configured to your environment.


ParkingCloud makes it easy to direct parkers to spaces faster and more efficiently. Communicate parking availability to drivers based on live data for maximum optimization of your lots, garages and on-street parking. Integrate real-time data to guide parkers using:

  • Variable message signs and indicators
  • LED bollards
  • Full-matrix color signs
  • Outdoor monitors
  • Zone and multi-level availability signage
  • Portable signage
  • ParkingCloud Mobile app
  • In-app and website via your facility’s app, third-party parking reservations and payment services, or your website

Data & Analytics

Feed your parking guidance system with real-time occupancy data on your entire parking inventory. Have all data and reporting at your fingertips, in the Cloud, available from any connected device.

Anytime, anywhere access to your parking data so you can:

  • Understand what your inventory looks like at any specific moment—every component, every location, every premium space
  • Know who’s parking by vehicle type, payment classification, length of stay historically and in real time
  • Guide parkers to available spaces faster and more efficiently
  • Gain real visibility into how your parking organization is functioning, changing and adapting, and what the latest trends look like

ParkingCloud API

At ATS, we understand that the best way to build a virtuous parking ecosystem is to ensure that parking, traffic and safety data are mission critical.  Whether that means integrating traffic data into your parking guidance system, using your access control data in real time for incident response, or even leveraging ALPR data to “find my car”, the collection and ongoing exchange of data is a key building block to your success.

The ParkingCloud API helps you connect your parking data to other systems in real time.  Create the parking availability ecosystem that meets your requirements so you can:

  • Manage traffic in real time
  • Understand parking pricing and availability in your area in real time
  • Know which employees are in your facility at any given moment
  • Tie parking data in with your permitting solution

ParkingCloud’s open API gives you the flexibility to build the system you need based on real-time information and data.


ParkingCloud NOW accurate parking counting system from All Traffic Solutions

ParkTrak Parking Counting System

Watch ParkTrak Video

Provides vehicle counts with greater than 99% precision accuracy

Installs easily in less than one day and easy to configure

Mounts on ceiling, wall or post so there’s no cutting into infrastructure

Data and Analytics

Holistic view of your parking inventory across multiple facilities

Understand availability as well as historical usage

Respond immediately to spikes in parking demand

Generate and share reports with management in seconds

Proactive planning and decision making

Variable Message Signs

Manage signs from any Internet-connected device—change messages on one sign or all signs at once

Sensor-driven conditional messaging (“Icy Ramps Ahead”), or programmed messages (“Prepay Here”)

Integrate with mass notification system to alert parkers of important updates

Mapping Software Available in ParkingCloud

Displays availability at row, section and level to guide parkers

View availability at multiple facilities at once, including premium parking spaces, for holistic view of entire inventory

Radar Speed Displays 

Alert drivers of their speed as they pass

Display messages specific to speed (“SLOW DOWN”), or dedicated messages (“HAVE A NICE DAY”)

Portable, web-enabled signs can be deployed wherever they’re needed

Parking Indicator Bollards

LED indicator bollards that display parking availability with a simple red or green light indicator, placed at the end of each row of the parking facility.

Reduce circling for parking throughout your facility

Avoid traffic spilling over from garage into the street