ParkingCloud Count

Vehicle counting solutions that help you understand your parking availability in real time

ParkingCloud Count

Always have availability information you can rely on, with fingertip access to the most accurate real-time vehicle counts anytime, anywhere.

With ParkingCloud Count, you can automatically:

  • Count vehicles entering and exiting your lots, garages and parking spaces
  • Access zone or lot counts for guidance, planning or individual vehicle tracking
  • Leverage your existing technology, our technology, or any combination that meets your requirements—cost-effectively and efficiently

Because ParkingCloud is technology-agnostic, you have the widest selection of devices to choose from, including lasers, magnetometers (in-ground or surface mounted), ALPR, cameras or loops, or a combination of different sensors. ParkingCloud’s open architecture allows our parking solutions experts to configure the right-size, right-fit, right-technology solution for your environment.

Whether it’s surface lots, on-street parking, multiple zone or a combination of these, ParkingCloud has your custom solution.


Whether flush mounted in the ground for the most unobtrusive installation or housed in low-profile speed humps, this wireless counting technology provides:

  • A cost-effective option for garage, lot, zone or level counts
  • Individual space counting, particularly for high-value spaces, such as handicapped or expectant mother spaces
  • The most accurate and infrastructure-free vehicle counts


Our most flexible option for a variety of environments, the ParkTrak parking counting system from ATS:

  • Provides real-time plug-and-play counting
  • Delivers over 98% accuracy
  • Is easy to install—mounts on a ceiling, pole or wall in less than one day—without construction
  • Is non-intrusive, requiring no cutting or surface implementation
  • Delivers accurate counts of bidirectional traffic, queueing, tailgating or even stopped vehicles


Truly multipurpose-capability camera technology for counting, video surveillance or thermal sensing for zones, levels or even spaces.

  • Ideal for multipurpose security and counting
  • Provides incident detection and notification
  • Thermal capabilities sense pedestrians and bicycles as well as vehicles
  • Can be configured with a high level of accuracy in total darkness
  • Can be combined with ALPR technology to also provide vehicle identification


Inductive Loops

Long established as a generally reliable system, loops can be an inexpensive investment in your parking infrastructure.

  • Provides cost-effective counting for garages, lots, zones or level counts
  • With ParkingCloud’s open platform, you can integrate your existing loops to leverage your investment
  • An easy way to gather accurate vehicle counts


With its extremely reliable counting and directional technology, ultrasound is ideally suited for garages and other high-density implementations.

  • Fully non-intrusive space counting solution for  premium or other high-value spaces
  • Extremely accurate zone or level counts
  • Products that use ultrasonic technology are fully relocatable, with no saw-cutting groundwork to install or redeploy

Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR)

ALPR is a versatile solution that:

  • Combines vehicle counting with automated access control, GPS monitoring and loss prevention
  • Can be combined with notification systems for indecent detection, permitting or payment solutions
  • Is ideally suited for commercial parking operators, retail environments, municipalities, colleges and universities, airports and other facilities of all sizes

ParkingCloud API


The ParkingCloud API helps you connect your parking data to other systems in real time.   Create the parking availability ecosystem that meets your requirements so you can:

  • Integrate with other availability systems and devices
  • Output your availability data to any other system or device
  • Integrate with notification or reservations systems
  • Tie parking data in with your permitting solution

ParkingCloud’s open API gives you the flexibility to build the customized parking system you need, fueled by real-time information and data.