ParkingCloud Safety

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Keep drivers, pedestrians and vehicles safe.


The National Safety Council reports that one in five vehicle accidents happen in parking lots and garages. On average, at least 60,000 people are injured and 500 or more die in the 50,000 plus crashes that occur in parking areas every year.

Keep your drivers and pedestrians safe with ParkingCloud Safety.

ParkingCloud Safety gives you:

Traffic Calming

Calm traffic in and around parking areas, alert parkers to slow down in heavy pedestrian areas and enhance parker satisfaction by providing better safety and security.

Leverage data and analytics to make informed traffic safety decisions, and report on the impact of your risk mitigation and traffic safety program.

With ATS’s integrated conditional-message radar speed displays you can:

  • Alert drivers of their speed as they pass
  • Display messages specific to speed (“SLOW DOWN”), or dedicated messages (“HAVE A NICE DAY”)

Messaging Monitors

Alert parkers and pedestrians of blind corners, speeding cars and even pedestrian presence from any Internet connection with message signs that display warning messages based on the conditions sensed by devices throughout your facilities or messages that you program:

  • Automatically warn drivers of pedestrians in the vicinity before they reach them by integrating thermal sensing with conditional message signs
  • Warn pedestrians of approaching and speeding drivers with audible alerts
  • Maintain a true ‘heads up’ driving experience with space indicators and message signs throughout your facility

Video Security

Multi-purpose your video counting solutions and provide a cost-effective solution to increase the safety of parkers, and offer pro-active information in response to incidents.

  • Leverage thermal sensing technology, ALPR or video analytics to maintain control of your permitted areas
  • Leverage ParkingCloud alerts to preemptively respond to potentially dangerous situations
  • Maintain a record of your parking facility in the event of incident

ALPR Vehicle Identification & Notification

Automated license plate recognition (ALPR) is an ideal solution that:

  • Combines vehicle counting with automated access control, GPS monitoring and loss prevention
  • Can be combined with notification systems for incident detection, permitting or payment solutions
  • Is ideally suited for commercial parking operations, retail environments, municipalities, colleges and universities, airports and other facilities of all sizes

ParkingCloud API


The ParkingCloud API helps you connect your parking data to other systems in real time. Create the parking availability ecosystem that meets your requirements so you can:

  • Integrate with other availability systems and devices
  • Output your availability data to any other system or device
  • Integrate with notification or reservations systems
  • Tie parking data in with your permitting solution

ParkingCloud’s open API gives you the flexibility to build the customized parking system you need, fueled by real-time information and data.