ParkingCloud Find

Direct parkers to spaces faster and more efficiently

ParkingCloud Find

ParkingCloud Find is a smart, user-friendly, easy-to-deploy wayfinding platform that lets you communicate parking availability to drivers based on live data for maximum optimization and control over your lots, garages and on-street parking.

Push up-to-the-minute availability information to variable message signs, your parking app or your website to direct drivers to convenient parking faster and more efficiently.

The open platform gives you near-limitless ability to integrate any kind of messaging platform with any type of device, removing the significant hurdle you could have with other solutions.

Scalable, flexible, an ideal fit for existing facilities or new builds.

Heads-Up Variable Message Signs and Indicators

Improve your parking experience and mitigate your risk by providing your parkers with a heads-up driving experience.  With the flexibility to adapt to any garage or lot configuration, our open platform can integrate with the widest variety of sign options, and since everything is in the cloud, you can broadcast availability at the space, the level, the zone, or across town, campus or facility.

Flexible, portable sign options give you the added ability to respond to events or other high congestion circumstances, providing guidance to drivers where they need it, when they need it.

Full-Matrix Color Signs

With our flexible options for signage, you can provide the widest variety of messages your drivers need for a safe, efficient, enjoyable parking experience.

  • Leverage full-matrix color signs to communicate up-to-the-second data about parking space availability.
  • Improve efficiency by displaying the time, the number of spaces available—and when applicable—pricing information.

Outdoor Monitors

Brilliant messaging up designed specifically for outdoor viewing.

  • Built to withstand any weather condition including the brightest light, rain or snow
  • The leader in readability, both up close and from a distance
  • Keep your messages crisp and visible, protected from the elements and elevated to safeguard against vandals

Zone & Multi-Level Availability Signage

Speed up your parking process by introducing multi-level and zone guidance.

  • For congested areas, especially at peak times, ATS heads up guidance answers the question ‘where is the closest parking,’
  • reduce circling and get students, employees and others to their destination on time, quickly.
  • Track the number of available spaces on each deck or zone.

Portable Signage

An innovator in portable sign technology, ATS has led the way in developing turnkey portable signs:

  • Variable message signs that are mobile, lightweight and flexible in their deployment options
  • Perfect for events and other critical episodic parking needs
  • Connected, portable signs are ideal for keeping parkers moving in the most challenging circumstances

Space and Aisle availability indicators

  • Display real-time occupancy and availability at the space level
  • Leverage aisle indicators for a cost-effective yet powerful solution
  • Combine sensors with your indicators for a more seamless installation that requires no cutting into infrastructure and reduces your installation costs

In-App or Website Availability

For additional benefits to parkers, push your availability to your facility or campus application or even your website so they can determine the best parking space before they begin their journey, alleviating congestion along their route and increasing their satisfaction.

ParkingCloud API


The ParkingCloud API helps you connect your parking data to other systems in real time.   Create the parking availability ecosystem that meets your requirements so you can:

  • Integrate with other availability systems and devices
  • Output your availability data to any other system or device
  • Integrate with notification or reservations systems
  • Tie into your permitting solution

ParkingCloud’s open API gives you the flexibility to build the parking system you need, fueled by real-time information and data.