Need radar speed signs or message signs ASAP? We can fulfill urgent requests.

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Need radar speed signs or message signs ASAP? We can fulfill urgent requests.

Shield portable radar speed sign from All Traffic Solutions

As your community grows and your budget shrinks, your resources are probably being stretched to the limit. A growing population usually means an expanding infrastructure and more businesses moving to your area.  How can you enforce speed limits and keep roads safe when you’re expected to do more and more with less?

All Traffic Solutions customers are finding success by making our portable web-enabled radar speed displays an important component of their traffic safety initiatives. This post will discuss three of the benefits of these versatile devices.

Reduction in the volume of speeding-related complaints

Most customers we speak with say that with the majority of speed-related complaints they receive related to a specific road prove to be largely unfounded. More often than not, it’s a perception problem. The resident may observe that cars are whizzing past their house in large numbers, but when an officer is deployed to the street to take Lidar readings, what they discover is that the percentage of speeding is quite low, or that there’s only an issue on Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm and midnight.

Having the officer park their car for the better part of a week to come to that conclusion isn’t proactive, it’s reactive and costly, and it’s taking them away from other important police work. When the next complaint call is received, they’re assigned to the next location to do the same thing all over again.

Accurate real-time speed data

Another problem with sending an officer with Lidar is that when drivers spot the officer they’ll slow down so you’re not getting an accurate picture of the true extent of the speeding problem. Your officer can’t be at that site 24/7 so how do they know what time of day or days of the week is the issue most critical?

You can deploy a Shield 12 or Shield 15 radar speed sign in stealth mode at the location so that it captures data but doesn’t display speeds. Drivers don’t know that the sign is operational so they don’t alter their speed as they pass. The sign will capture up to 10 days of accurate speed and volume data and produce a documented report of that 10-day time period that they can slice and dice to understand what’s going on.You can download the report as a PDF to share with the complainant, share with management, bring to your next town council meeting or post on your website.

If you see that there is indeed a speeding problem, switch the sign to active mode so that it displays each driver’s speed as they pass. Oftentimes drivers don’t realize they’re surpassing the speed limit, and seeing their speed displayed is a jolting reminder to pay attention and slow down.

TIP: SpeedAlert 18 and SpeedAlert 24 radar speed displays can be programed to display both driver speed and speed-dependent  messages for added reinforcement.

You can run a range of reports in literally seconds to understand traffic volume, high/low speeds, average speed, 85th percentile, etc. for a week, day, daypart or view a comparison. There’s a really helpful Enforcement Priorities report that combines all your locations and shows where and when there are issues at each location. Law enforcement can use this data to prioritize their resources so that problem locations are monitored at the right time.


Lasting speed reduction in the community

Radar speed displays have been proven to reduce speeds and continue to calm traffic months after the sign has been installed. According to a study by the Texas Transportation Institute, there was an average reduction in vehicle speed of as much as nine miles per hour a full four months after a radar speed sign was installed. All Traffic Solutions customers report the same kinds of results, especially when the sign is installed, even temporarily, on a neighborhood road where residents travel often. When made aware that the police department is watching the area, driver behavior is lasting.

TIP: The best way to ensure lasting results and reinforce compliance is to mount your sign on a pole (it takes one person about five minutes) and use solar power so it’s always operational.

We hear success stories from customers in law enforcement, public works departments, college campuses and corporate facilities, and many call to purchase additional signs. They like the portability and the remote access. They see a reduced volume of complaints, they have traffic concrete data when they need it, and they can address issues effectively while tying up fewer resources.



Download our free 10-page guide to get the facts about web-enabled radar speed displays, their benefits and how you can use data to support your case for the purchase of your new Shield or SpeedAlert.

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