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Parking Availability and Guidance Solutions

The best web-enabled devices

The right technologies

Real-time data and analytics

Our connected parking availability and guidance solutions let you solve your most complex parking management challenges. Enjoy complete control over your devices and meaningful insights from your parking data in real-time—from your desktop, phone or tablet—using our TraffiCloud™ ecosystem for total traffic management.


parking availability on a holistic level


with parkers with conditional messaging


in and around parking areas for greater safety


parkers to available spaces and premium spots

Parking Availability

Guide parkers
To open spaces using message signs and LED bollards that update in real time

Display availability
At row, section and lot levels

On capacity and availability for proactive planning

Maximize Usage
With multi-color signs at garage entrances

Guide Parkers

Real-time messaging
Share latest information on parking prices, events, weather, traffic delays, or any other communication you want to share

Remote sign management
from any Internet-connected device

Conditional messaging
Based on sensor-driven variables (“HIGH WINDS”) or programmed messages (“EXIT RIGHT”)

With mass notification systems to alert parkers to important updates

Travel Time Notification

Message board notifications that let parkers choose the best route as they leave your facility

Colorful interactive displays map and update each route

Makes it easy and stress-free to plan the trip home

Preset up to six different routes that update as traffic levels change

Traffic Calming

Calm traffic in and around parking areas

Alert parkers to slow down in heavy pedestrian areas

Enhance parker satisfaction through better safety and parking experience

Leverage data and analytics to make informed traffic safety decisions

Report on the impact of your traffic safety program


Mapping Software Available in TraffiCloud

Displays availability at row, section and level to guide parkers

View availability at multiple facilities at once, including premium parking spaces, for holistic view of entire inventory

Variable Messaging Signs

Sign management from any Internet-connected device—change messages on one sign or all signs at once

Sensor-driven conditional messaging (“Icy Ramps Ahead”), or programmed messages (“Pre-pay Here”)

Integrate with mass notification system to alert parkers of important updates

SpeedAlert 24

Radar Speed Displays and Messaging Signs

Alert drivers of their speed as they pass

Display messages specific to speed (“SLOW DOWN”), or dedicated messages (“HAVE A NICE DAY”)

Data and Analytics

Holistic view of entire parking inventory across multiple facilities

Understand availability

Measure results of safety initiatives

Reports to management in seconds

Proactive planning and decision making

Indicator Bollards

LED indicator bollards that display parking availability with a simple red or green light indicator, placed at the end of each row of the parking facility.

Reduce circling for parking throughout your facility

Avoid traffic spilling over from garage into the street

ParkTrak Parking Counting System

Provides vehicle counts with >98% precision accuracy

Installs easily in less than one day

Mounts on ceiling, wall or post so there’s no cutting into cement or other surface

Uses laser technology and directional logic, not loops or cameras

Easy to configure

Case Studies

Fortune 100 Company

Employees find spaces faster with cloud-based parking notification system.

Major Software Company

Optimization and wayfinding challenges solved with cloud-based parking availability solution.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Hospital improves safety in and around high-traffic parking facilities with web-enabled traffic signs.

 Cleveland State University

University directs parkers with portable, web-enabled variable message displays.

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