TraffiCloud Web-Based Traffic Equipment and Data Management

All your equipment and data. All in one place. Manage every component of your traffic safety program with the TraffiCloud*.

TraffiCloud is All Traffic Solutions’ secure, web-based ecosystem for managing ALL your traffic safety equipment. While our best-in-class hardware helps improve your traffic flows, complimenting this equipment with our TraffiCloud helps improve your workflows. Leveraging a consistent interface across all your traffic management equipment, TraffiCloud provides a new level of awareness while reducing the amount of time needed to manage your equipment and information.

*Our industry-leading TraffiCloud leverages our patented technology (US Patents 8,417,442; 8,755,990) to deliver unique cloud-based management features and functionality.

The TraffiCloud Traffic Suite includes all the features you need for effective and efficient traffic program management. Traffic Suite features can also be purchased individually. Click on a video below to learn about everything the Traffic Suite has to offer.

TraffiCloud Overview:

Achieve a new level of awareness and Total Traffic Safety Management

  • Equipment Management: Manage your equipment settings from any Internet-connected computer.
  • Mapping: Visualize your equipment and data on an interactive map that provides a window to your entire traffic management program.
  • Reporting: Generate and share reports from your traffic data to communicate with your constituents and prioritize resources.
  • Alerts: Set thresholds for high speed and congestion, and be alerted to low battery levels and tampering.
  • Imaging: View images related to alert thresholds, or generate awareness images based on a preset frequency. Review and act on useful images. Images can be used to identify vehicle make and color, but are not license plate recognition quality.
  • PremierCare: A perpetual warranty as long as your unit remains subscribed to the TraffiCloud.
  • Enforcement: Automate the collection of lidar captures.   Ensure data accuracy and minimize data collection time
  • Parking: Communicate parking availability more efficiently. Send cloud-based parking availability to variable message signs and direct vehicles to available parking

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TraffiCloud Main Dashboard

Learn more about the TraffiCloud Dashboard and how to change your password.

TraffiCloud Dashboard and Widgets

This training video shows how to create and edit dashboards and widgets on the Dashboard tab, the TraffiCloud home page.

TraffiCloud Map of Sites and Equipment

This training video shows how to identify equipment and site locations through the Map tab.

Generating Reports in TraffiCloud

Generate reports from your traffic data to communicate with your constituents and prioritize resources.

Creating and Viewing Alerts in TraffiCloud

This training video shows how to set up alerts, review alerts, and review captured pictures in TraffiCloud.

TraffiCloud Alerts and Images

This training video shows how to remotely set up and receive alerts and images for SpeedAlert, InstAlert, and Shield signs using TraffiCloud.