Time to Destination

Provide up-to-the-minute travel times without in-road sensor infrastructure.

a variable message sign

route in TraffiCloudTM

a time-to-destination message

Messages can display travel time to destination, distance to destination or delay time over normal travel time.

Current route times can be used as logic thresholds to dynamically display specific messages, or display alternate routes with travel times

Route Display Options

Messaging Display Options

Each message can consist of up to six screens

Preset up to five messages per device

Up to five routes per message, with one route per screen

Messages can be set to appear in order or conditionally display

Place two- or three-digit travel time anywhere in a dynamic message

Schedule different routes and combinations of routes for different times of the day, up to 13 scheduled windows per day.

Turnkey Solution

Hosted product platform
Includes connectivity

Live traffic data
Updated as often as every minute with
zero sensor infrastructure

No custom integration
Or IT support required

Accessible from anywhere
Using TraffiCloud™ Web application

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