QueTrak Slow and Stopped Vehicle Counting System

Non-intrusively counts queued and standing cars

Know exactly how many vehicles are in line or have passed through a location. QueTrak is the only non-intrusive fixed or portable counting system available that counts vehicles in a queue or traffic light. QueTrak counts all vehicles in a single lane that are traveling between 0-25 mph.

Measure Traffic Flow
at major intersections, work zones and other congested areas.

Maintain Accurate Occupancy Counts
at airport and station terminal entrances and exits.

Gauge Traffic Delay Times
at bridge, tunnel, gate and tollbooth entrances.

Integrate QueTrak
with our
conditional messaging solutions to efficiently divert traffic using dynamic messages on variable message signs and DriveTimes displays.

Laser Accuracy
More accurate than loops, pucks or cameras. QueTrak accurately counts vehicles in a single lane whether they are standing still, moving at a crawl or tailgating.

Easy to Install and Operate
QueTrak installs in about an hour with no construction or interruption to traffic because it’s a non-intrusive, side-fire unit that provides greater safety for both installer and motorist.  Saves considerably on installation expenses, too. QueTrak is easy to configure so you’re up and running fast. Easy to move and reinstall– weighs just 6 lbs. for the VDC version, 7 lbs. for the AC version.


  • Traffic lights and intersections
  • Gates
  • Toll booths
  • Bridge and tunnel entrances and exits


  • IP65– dust and watertight


  • Simple data download from any Internet connection
  • Near real-time reports on vehicle counts that you can download anytime, from anywhere (set reports for specific date, day or time-of-day ranges as needed)
  • Integrates with other systems you’re already using

TraffiCloud™ Accessible

so you can immediately share data, send information to your variable message signs and share on social media to inform commuters and travelers.  

DOWNLOAD the QueTrak Specification Sheet.