Intelligent Transportation Solutions

Realize Your Smart City Vision Now

Our intelligent transportation solutions are making it possible for municipalities of all sizes to become smart cities now and build their traffic ecosystems for the future. Benefit from the latest sensor–driven technologies, IoT and our data-centric approach to smart transportation and traffic management systems.

CONTROL COSTS by maximizing resources and efficiencies

INCREASE TRAFFIC SAFETY using radar speed displays and radar message signs that gather and send data to TraffiCloud for easy reporting

IMPROVE TRAFFIC FLOWS using data from web-enabled roadside vehicle counter classifiers to route traffic using sensors and conditional messaging

LOWER GAS CONSUMPTION AND EMISSIONS by reducing traffic congestion, vehicle idling time and by making it easier to find parking spaces faster

ENABLE PROACTIVE DECISION MAKING by leveraging timely data and analytics from all your traffic components

ATTRACT VISITORS, RESIDENTS AND COMMERCE Smart cities are more appealing destinations

TraffiCloud Brings it All Together

Turnkey cloud-based solution simplifies deployment and minimizes complexity

Securely collects and stores consolidated data from all your traffic devices— regardless of manufacturer with TrafficBridge —  in one central ecosystem

Share data between departments and organizations remotely from any Internet-ready device,  schedule report delivery via email