TrafficBridge™ makes it possible to build and manage your integrated traffic management ecosystem in one place, so you can realize the future of total traffic management today with TraffiCloud™.  With TrafficBridge, you can now leverage the power of TraffiCloud across all your sensors, signs and devices—as well as external data and regardless of manufacturer—to get a complete picture of your traffic program.

  • Centralize all your traffic data in a single location that you access from one easy-to-use interface for management, messaging, reporting and analytics—without the burden of integrating everything yourself
  • Provide your team with simple yet powerful tools that allow them to manage their traffic programs remotely from any Internet connection, just like cities 10 times their size
  • Leverage the investments you’ve already made in sensors, radar speed signs, variable message displays, counter classifiers, parking equipment and more without retraining your team on new equipment

What is TrafficBridge?

TrafficBridge™ is a customizable cellular gateway powered by a simple, small box you attach to each piece of equipment that lets you manage all your devices and data in TraffiCloud.  Get the power of TraffiCloud across your entire traffic management program, consolidating all your equipment on one platform, freeing your organization from the traditional constraints of having to use one manufacturer for all your hardware.

An open, extensible, flexible platform that scales with you

Save time, respond faster, optimize resources and improve the outcomes of your traffic initiatives

 Vendor agnostic—easy-to-install adapter is compatible with any TraffiCloud-enabled device

How TrafficBridge Works

TrafficBridge unifies your existing traffic infrastructure by turning your devices into ‘smart’ connected devices that work together in our TraffiCloud traffic management ecosystem— increasing the functionality of each component of your traffic management program.

TrafficBridge connects all your present and future traffic signs and devices, regardless of manufacturer. Best of all, we manage the integration for you, so you don’t have to contact each manufacturer to make it all work.

 All your traffic devices and data in one consolidated
cloud-based platform for total access and control.

Connecting to TraffiCloud with TrafficBridge, you always know—in real time—how your entire traffic program is performing. You get fast retrieval of powerful data and analytics for efficient prioritization, more informed decision-making and precise program measurement.

  • Remote management, data analytics and conditional messaging for any sensor, data set or outbound messaging vehicle
  • Reduce the time and complexity associated with managing your existing devices
  • Consolidate your traffic data onto a single easy-to-use platform you manage from one interface
  • Create a holistic view of your entire traffic management system, accessible via one intuitive interface from any Internet-ready device

With TraffiCloud—our secure, web-based ecosystem that makes it easy to manage all your traffic safety equipment and data securely from anywhere with an Internet-connected device—you get anytime, anywhere access from your desktop, tablet or smartphone to:

  • Monitor devices for battery power, tampering and location
  • Change messages on variable message signs, all at once or one at a time
  • View maps of all your devices for a complete snapshot of current locations
  • Receive alerts on new events as they happen, for faster response time
  • Review and act on useful images
  • Automate the collection of Lidar captures
  • Communicate parking availability more efficiently

Data Analytics and Reporting

Instrument. Communicate. Analyze. Report.

Take full advantage of data gathered from across your entire traffic system into TraffiCloud for new insights and perspective, and faster reaction time.

 Understand in real-time how your traffic ecosystem in performing

Run reports for all of your traffic initiatives

Consolidate data from several or all devices to track location, spot trends, and identify problem areas and priorities that require attention

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