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Need radar speed signs or message signs ASAP? We can fulfill urgent requests.


What are Variable Message Signs?

Variable message boards or variable message signs (VMS) are electronic displays that can be found in a variety of public and private spaces, such as highways, residential roads, stadiums, colleges, airports and more. These boards are used for displaying important messages and alerts in an efficient manner and can be used for indoor or outdoor use. Some variable message board signs can be remotely updated with software to quickly update the message on the sign to keep up with changing information. Variable message boards are an effective and efficient way to display important information to the public without taking up too much space.

InstAlert portable message board sign notifying drivers of a car accident ahead on the road

How Variable Message Board Signs Streamline Events

Bearing this in mind, it is no surprise that variable message boards are an invaluable asset for any stadium or event venue that needs to quickly and efficiently inform guests and staff of important information. These signs enable stadiums and venues to streamline event operations, making them more efficient and easier to manage. In this blog post, we will explore how variable message boards can both improve the efficiency of your events and make them more convenient. Through remotely managed variable message boards, you’ll be able to experience the following benefits:


Streamline Traffic Before and After the Event

A common concern among sports and concert-goers is the chaos of finding parking, as well as navigating through heavy traffic before and after the event. Oftentimes, the time spent leaving the venue can add hours to their overall experience, often stretching up until late into the night. This in turn leads to longer hours for staff as they need to facilitate people getting out of the event and help clean up afterward. Variable message signs offer a solution to this event traffic management issue by giving drivers an easy way to know where to go when entering and exiting a parking lot without having to station staff at multiple points throughout it. These signs can be mounted on portable posts, permanent posts, vehicle hitches, or trailers so you can create a more efficient way of helping people get in and out of the lot quickly and safely.

InstAlert variable message board sign instructing guests to have their tickets ready

Variable message signs are a much more efficient way of getting people in and out of the parking lot quickly and safely, providing an improvement on using traditional staff-based methods. By delegating this task to variable message boards, staff can be put to use in more meaningful ways. In short, the message boards will become your guests’ guide and support system while staff can attend to other matters throughout a venue or stadium.

InstAlert VMS on a portable post directing parking for a graduation ceremony


Help Get Guests to their Seats Faster with Stadium Signage

Variable message signs installed around a stadium can also help with pedestrian traffic control by guiding more guests to their seats in a shorter amount of time. Using message board signs as sports stadium wayfinding for guests results in shorter wait times, allowing more guests to find their seats before game time. As a result, guests have more time to go to concession stands, merchandising stores, and other related areas, which can increase sales. Variable message signs not only make it easier for spectators to find their way around the stadium but also add value to the customer experience beyond that! With variable message boards, you can easily inform your visitors about more than just traffic and parking.


Share Information with Guests Inside and Outside the Venue to Enhance the Stadium Fan Experience

Variable message boards also provide an innovative way to keep fans informed of upcoming events, in-game changes, VIP-only areas, or weather updates that might affect the game, as well as general safety announcements. With the addition of these signs, stadiums are able to better serve their customers by providing constantly updated information that is easy to spot while ensuring a smooth stadium fan experience.

This stadium signage sign offers advanced features like scheduling messages and remote control capability so staff can easily manage messages remotely from anywhere in the venue, or anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This makes it easier for staff to share up-to-date information in minutes. Variable message signs’ portability also allows them to quickly move from one location to another if needed since most models require minimal setup time once onsite.


Quickly Display Emergency Alerts 

With such a large amount of people, things can switch on a dime – and that means giving up-to-date information to your audience as quickly as possible to ensure quick and safe pedestrian traffic control. Variable message boards can be an invaluable resource in emergency situations at event venues, allowing staff to quickly broadcast critical warnings or instructions everywhere. With these signs, vital messages such as evacuation procedures, accidents or extreme weather alerts can be posted and viewed by spectators in a matter of minutes with minimal effort. This allows fans to be notified of pressing matters and get guidance on what to do in real-time while allowing staff to feel confident that the crucial information was shared. This means that staff are able to easily access their signage and input important updates without needing someone physically present at each location of the variable message signs.

Portable message sign warning drivers of incoming inclement weather

Great Message Board Sign With Remote Management Solution for Stadiums and Event Venues

The InstAlert variable message board is designed with stadiums and event venues in mind and offers advanced features like the ability to easily move it between locations, remotely scheduling and updating messages, and tamper alerts.

By leveraging InstAlert variable message boards powered by TraffiCloud® remote management software, stadiums and event venues can streamline their operations while providing a better experience for their guests at the same time! This solution will help venue operations and security save time, money, and resources while also helping keep patrons safe during emergency situations. All of this makes InstAlert variable message signs remotely controlled by TraffiCloud an asset to any venue looking to increase efficiency while providing customers with the best possible experience.

With the InstAlert 24 having a unique foldable design, and the versatility to mount on a portable post, permanent post, vehicle hitch or trailer, this message sign is an asset for any business that requires communicating with its attendees. Not only does the design of the InstAlert 24 make it easy to store and transport, but also allows for an indoor or outdoor setup with ease – perfect for adapting to any space and ensuring that vital information is communicated quickly.

InstAlert variable message sign folding

The InstAlert mounted on a portable post means that it can swiftly and effortlessly display the variable message board in virtually any location. Moreover, it is straightforward to move and deploy the portable post as featured in the images below! If you want to learn more about the benefits of the InstAlert variable message board, you can read about them here.

The InstAlert variable message sign also stands out among other tools that can be utilized at event venues  because of its ability to be programmed remotely using our cloud-based software: TraffiCloud. With the use of TraffiCloud, staff can conveniently access and manage their signage from any remote location, allowing for maximum efficiency and precision no matter where they are. Plus, notifications set up via email or SMS will alert anyone to any tampering attempts and low battery levels for added security. This extra layer of protection ensures the safety and reliability of the venue’s signs are maintained no matter what.

All InstAlert variable message boards are durable and can withstand rain and snow, as well as heavy hits. In case you want to see how durable ATS signs are, watch this durability video to see how much damage our signs can take and still work properly. 

InstAlert variable message board signs are a great tool for event venues to use when it comes to communicating information with their guests. They help with managing parking areas, sharing announcements, and they can also be used in emergency situations. With TraffiCloud, staff can access InstAlert variable message boards from anywhere and remotely manage them, allowing for maximum efficiency and precision regardless of location. Overall, InstAlert variable message boards are an essential tool that any venue should consider investing in.

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About All Traffic Solutions

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