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Need radar speed signs or message signs ASAP? We can fulfill urgent requests.


Digital speed limit signs and radar message signs have quickly become essential tools for law enforcement, municipalities, and other public and private institutions that want to keep their communities safe from speeding motorists. Not only are these digital speed signs portable and easy to deploy anywhere, but they also accurately capture vehicle speeds.

Digital limit speed sign measuring a car's speed on the road

What are digital speed limit signs?

Digital speed limit signs (also known as radar speed signs) use radar technology to measure the speed of passing vehicles. They are typically mounted on a post, trailer, or other structures near the road and can detect approaching traffic. The sign then displays the measured speed in real-time, so that drivers will be visually alerted if they exceed the recommended speed limit. Digital radar speed signs can also include strobes to help grab the attention of speeding drivers without distracting them.

Shield digital speed limit sign on an ATS 3 trailer reducing speeding

Some speed signs can also display messages to share traffic safety and other important information with the community. If a sign has messaging capabilities, custom messages can be displayed for cars driving at different speeds. For example, a car going the speed limit or under the speed limit would see a message saying “thank you!” and cars driving above the speed limit would display the message “too fast” or “slow down.” These signs are powerful tools in promoting road safety by alerting drivers of their speed and sharing important messages. The top three reasons digital speed limit signs are used is because they:

  • Successfully Influence Driver Behavior and Reduce Speeding
  • Collect Data to Help Make More Informed Decisions and Resolve Speeding Complaints
  • Are Cost-effective

Let’s take an in-depth look at why portable radar speed signs are widely used by police departments, municipalities, homeowners’ associations, and other public and private organizations.

Radar Speed Displays Influence Driver Behavior and Reduce Speeding

The main purpose of digital speed signs is to influence driver behavior and reduce speeding. Having a sign clearly visible near roads can remind drivers that they should not exceed the posted speed limit, helping them make informed decisions while driving. This is especially useful for roads that have constant speeding issues. The sign will help remind drivers to slow down, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for pedestrians and motorists.

A study conducted by Fanny Malin and Juha Luoma for the Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behavior showed that implementing a radar feedback sign can reduce pedestrian fatality risk by up to 22%.

Another study conducted by Elisabeth Rose and Gerald Ullman for Texas A&M University and the Texas Transportation Institute placed digital speed limit signs in multiple locations that were experiencing speeding issues. After implementing the sign, drivers reduced their speed in school zones by up to 9 mph.

SpeedAlert 18 radar speed and message sign in Clifton, VA

Countless studies have confirmed the power of these signs, and their data is crystal clear: implementing radar feedback speed displays can help improve driver behavior, reduce speeding, and enhance safety for both drivers and pedestrians. One of the best parts of these signs is that while immediately impacting the community by notifying drivers of their speed, they can also collect data to help law enforcement, municipalities, HOAs, and more.

Digital Speed Limit Signs Collect Data to Help Make More Informed Decisions

By collecting this data over time, law enforcement can effectively monitor the areas that need extra attention when it comes to regulating speed limits. Law enforcement can utilize the speed data collected to address community speeding complaints. The data can confirm whether there is an actual speeding issue or a perceived issue and share the data with the complainant or community.

TraffiCloud extended speed summary report

Additionally, this data is also used to better understand how these speed limits influence public safety. It can also help Town Officials determine if roads need to be expanded or traffic patterns need to change. With their capability to collect comprehensive readings on speeding vehicles, these signs are an important tool for making more effective decisions about transportation safety.

Digital Speed Limit Signs are Cost-Effective

Last but not least, portable radar speed signs offer a cost-effective way of curbing speeding in your community. Moreover, signs with data-collecting software save officers time – instead of having to actively monitor speeds throughout the day, radar display signs can measure speeds in real-time to collect data by location, date, and time. With that data, police officers can optimize their time to monitor the roads when the data shows speeders will be on the road.

In addition, these signs are also a one-time purchase that requires minimal maintenance over the years (depending on the brand you purchase). If you have a solar radar speed sign that means there is even less maintenance with the sign. These signs are also available with messaging capabilities that can help with other safety measures such as deterring drivers from running red lights, managing school zones, and reminding them about other traffic safety laws.

SpeedAlert radar and message sign reducing speeding in a school zone

For homeowners associations, and other public and private campuses, radar speed display signs can be an efficient way of ensuring that the speed limits for their communities are enforced. They provide information about the average speeds throughout the day so that local authorities can identify areas where additional enforcement measures may be needed. This data collected by the sign also allows them to better understand how their current policies are affecting traffic flow and whether any changes need to be implemented for further improvement.

Shield Radar Speed Signs and SpeedAlert Radar Message Signs Can Accomplish What’s Above, and More!

All Traffic Solutions offers multiple radar speed and message sign options: the Shield 12 and Shield 15 radar signs, along with the SpeedAlert 18 and SpeedAlert 24 radar speed and message signs. All of these signs are ultra-portable solutions perfect for temporary and permanent deployment.

Shield 12 and Shield 15 signs on permanent posts

The Shield 12, Shield 15, SpeedAlert 18, and SpeedAlert 24 all come with:

  • Accurate Speed Display: Display approaching vehicle’s speed and record traffic speed and volume data (data collection when connected to TraffiCloud)
  • Durable construction: The signs are designed to endure harsh weather conditions and any type of potential damage, boasting a welded aluminum enclosure, hidden hardware connections, reinforced Lexan glass protection, and graffiti-resistant powder coating.
  • Simple, universal mounting: Installing a Shield or SpeedAlert doesn’t take long; an individual can have it up and running in just minutes, regardless of whether you want to mount it permanently or portably on a post, pole, trailer, or hitch.
  • Amazing battery runtime and flexible power options: Accommodates almost any power source including Lithium battery, Integrated Solar, AC, or trailer.
  • Stealth or display off: Collect traffic speed and volume data with no display
  • Collect traffic data: By vehicle volume by speed and time – in all modes (when connected to TraffiCloud)
  • Are remotely accessible: With TraffiCloud remote management, you can access and make updates to your Shield and SpeedAlert signs with your computer and an internet connection

Shield users have mentioned that they have experienced the benefits that we outlined above. “With the [Shield], we have had success in educating folks on the actual speeds they are choosing to drive as they enter communities, and this information helps them change their driving behavior,” said Ryan Oakley, the District Engineer in West Kootenay District, British Columbia.

As for the SpeedAlert, users have also experienced the benefits illustrated in this blog. “On a per-dollar basis, this might be one of the best expenditures we have,” said Council Member Pasha Majdi, Vienna Town Council (VA).

Collect Data and Generate Reports with TraffiCloud®

With TraffiCloud remote management software, you can access and make updates to your Shield signs with your computer and an internet connection. TraffiCloud traffic data software enables you to remotely monitor traffic volumes, generate traffic reports based on your collected data, and alert traffic personnel when their signs have been tampered with. Law enforcement can generate reports like the Speed Summary Report and 85th Percentile, just to name a few. These reports can be used to prioritize enforcement for police departments and resolve speeding complaints by showing citizens whether or not their speeding complaints are backed by data.

TraffiCloud remote management software

By using TraffiCloud traffic data software in combination with Shield and SpeedAlert signs, users can effectively track traffic trends over time and respond quickly to any traffic issues that arise. This makes managing the roads more efficient, safe, and cost-effective for everyone involved!

Digital speed display signs are used for safety plans aimed at reducing traffic speeds. Not only do these signs accurately measure vehicle speeds, but also they are incredibly portable and, thus, can be deployed almost anywhere with ease. Additionally, signs are cost-effective solutions that can offer messaging capabilities.

Whether you are supervising a crowded cityscape, a rural area, or something in between – digital radar speed signs possess the capacity to create safer roads. Their application extends far beyond just traffic calming efforts too – cities, towns, and municipalities benefit dramatically when they can collect road data to help make more informed decisions about prioritizing enforcement or widening roads for better traffic flow. 

If you want to learn more about Shield radar speed signs or SpeedAlert radar message signs and how they may fit into your strategy for improving road safety, please contact our team for additional information today!

All Traffic Solutions is the trusted source for digital speed display signs, offering options such as the Shield 12 and Shield 15 signs, along with the SpeedAlert 18 and SpeedAlert 24 radar speed and message signs. Our radar speed solutions are durable, lightweight, ultra-portable solutions perfect for deployments, temporary or permanent.

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