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Count & Classify

TraffiCloud Ready

Counter Classifiers with Automated Data Collection

Vehicle count and classification has long been a challenge for municipalities, traffic engineers and departments of transportation. Manual counting is expensive, error-prone and oftentimes impractical. Traditional devices such as road tubes are cumbersome to install, intrusive on the road and easily damaged by continuous wear from vehicles or vandalism. In high volume traffic they become less reliable. In addition, installing road tubes uses resources that could be deployed elsewhere. Most importantly, placing personnel out on a road to install or move equipment is potentially dangerous both to them and to drivers.

Our web-enabled counter classifiers solve the challenges of counting and classifying vehicles, even high-volume traffic. These fully integrated multi-lane, bi-directional traffic data gathering devices make it easy to:

  • Provide accurate, relevant real-time data for traffic studies and proactive planning
  • Establish a baseline of traffic volume for analysis of a roadway or intersection
  • Determine the number of lanes needed on a roadway
  • Calculate the number and length of turning lanes required at an intersection
  • Prior to traffic signal installation, utilize counter data to develop appropriate signal timing
  • Identify the appropriate traffic control measure (stop sign, traffic signal, roundabout, etc.) required

Non-Intrusive Traffic Sensing Technology

  • Count and classify vehicles using turnkey, non-invasive sensing technology
  • No-hassle field setup and operation—mounts on any size pole on the side of the road in minutes
  • Devices weigh as little as three lbs.
  • Extremely low power ensures operational safety during installation

TraffiCloud-ready for remote data management and retrieval*

  • Eliminates traffic data file management
  • Automatically upload data and generate reports from any Internet-connected device
  • Increase efficiency and data accuracy to complete traffic studies faster

*requires TraffiCloud web-based remote management services subscription.

Increase Efficiencies and Safety

  • Automate traffic data collection
  • Reduce person-hours required in the field for vehicle counting, device installation and relocation, and data collection
  • Free up resources for other important tasks
  • Keep personnel safe and off the road

Whitepaper: Traffic Studies Made Simpler: Count & Classification in the Cloud: The latest developments in technology-based traffic equipment that make it easier and less time-intensive to gather essential data to execute a successful traffic study. Includes MoDOT case study.

Case Study: MO Department of Transportation: MoDOT collects timely, accurate data for traffic study without risking worker safety or taking hours out of the field.


  • Collects bi-directional traffic in up to four lanes at once
  • Up to two weeks run time per charge
  • Simple point and go installation with audible signal to confirm aim

StatTrak Data Collection Brochure

StatTrak Technical Spec Sheet


  • Smallest, lightest six lane non-intrusive vehicle volume collector available
  • Integrated color sighting camera for easy alignment during setup
  • Collects data for over one week per charge

CrossTrak Technical Spec Sheet


  • Accurately detect lane, speed and class of individual vehicles
  • Compute per-lane volume, occupancy, gap, average speed, 85th percentile and headway parameters
  • For use in up to eight user-defined lanes

SpeedLane Technical Spec Sheet