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SmartApps Overview

Learn about everything the SmartApps Traffic Suite has to offer: (click on a video below)

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    SmartApps Overview

    SmartApps lets you do more than ever before.

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    SmartApps Equipment Management

    Manage your equipment settings from any internet connected computer.

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    SmartApps Mapping

    Visualize your equipment and data on a map of your community, kept up to date with sign's GPS data.

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    SmartApps Reporting

    Generate reports from your traffic data to communicate with your constituents and prioritize resources.

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    SmartApps Alerts

    Set thresholds for high speed and congestion, and be alerted to low battery levels and tampering.

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    SmartApps Imaging

    View images related to alert thresholds, or awareness images at a frequency you set.

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    SmartApps Premier Care

    And to top it off, a perpetual warranty as long as your unit is subscribed to SmartApps.

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    Drive Times

    Time to Destination using Internet Travel Time Data demonstrates the power of connected sensors as an internet based time to destination system.

SmartApps Overview

SmartApps lets you do more than ever before – all without traveling to your sign. Update messages, generate reports and even interact with your traffic safety signs on a web-based virtual map of your community. Save countless man-hours, while providing more useful data for better planning and safety outcomes. More departments are signing up every day!

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All Traffic Solutions holds US Patent 8,417,442 for cloud-based traffic data collection. We were the first company to use connected sensors to collect traffic data, transmit this data to a centralized database letting users generate relevant reports using the internet.