We're open and here to help!  ATS can provide fast turn around to support your COVID-19 response efforts.


We're open and here to help!  ATS can provide fast turn around to support your COVID-19 response efforts.


We're open and here to help!  ATS can provide fast turn around to support your COVID-19 response efforts.

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We're open and here to help!  ATS can provide fast turn around to support your COVID-19 response efforts.

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Why Traffic and Parking Solutions are Critical for Communities of Concern

More than 90 Americans die every day in vehicular accidents. 

The bad news? It most likely won’t change until communities get proactive when it comes to traffic and parking safety. Despite the best efforts of cities like New York, the congestion on our roadways is leading to more pollution, more accidents, and more deaths. 

The good news? It’s tough to find a silver lining, but organizations like Vision Zero are tackling the problem head on. For the unfamiliar, Vision Zero is multi-national road traffic safety project that aims to achieve a highway system with no fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic.

Vision Zero has identified “communities of concern” which it defines as the 12 percent of roads that more than 70 percent of accidents occur. Solving parking and traffic challenges in these communities is paramount to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities. 

Communities of Concern include areas where the following are higher: 

  • Older adults and adults without vehicles 
  • Children and school areas 
  • People with disabilities 
  • Impoverished areas or those with lower educational attainment
  • Chronic health conditions 
  • Safety concerns due to speed limits and crashes 

We recently announced that the Florida Department of Transportation (DoT) has added All Traffic Solutions to its list of preferred vendors on the Approved Products List. Moving forward, it could be one of our signs you see on the most dangerous roadways in Florida, whether it be US-1, I-95, I-75, or an arterial or collector road. Here’s why that matters:

  • Most DoTs are overburdened. Technology has changed a lot of things and has certainly made strides in impacting transportation. But, promises of tomorrow – self-driving cars, for example – still seem to be a long way off. Until these departments get some relief in dealing with the day in, day out issues they face managing transportation – whether it be cars, busses, trains, etc. – the roadways aren’t safe. Transportation options are outpacing infrastructure advances and most transportation offices are understaffed.  Internet of Things (IoT) devices that enable an administrator to quickly update a sign and warn people of impending traffic or danger is a step in the right direction for managing transportation issues. 
  • Today’s drivers are consumers of technology. We’re in an era where smart devices and IoT devices are used for everything from turning the lights on in a home to managing an entire lighting grid for a city. Drivers – today’s consumers – understand technology. The value of a well-placed sign that provides a heads-up versus heads-down reminder of driver speed and is updated real-time has a tremendous impact. 
  • Technology that literally saves lives. We talked about the sobering number of deaths on the roads each day. One sign can be the difference between life and death for a driver. Signs are often overlooked because of the labor involved with setting them up. But All Traffic Solutions has devices that can be set up by a single person and provides a platform that give DoTs and municipalities the power to have visibility to their entire community at one time and act based on environmental variables. I’ve written in this space before about the fears that hold communities back from integrating smart city technologies, but adopting just one sign makes a community a smart city – and is a major step toward increasing road safety in your community. 

We all know the dangers out there every time a citizen hops behind the wheel of a car and, as traffic parking and safety professionals, we have the power to put programs in place that save lives. We know you’re overtaxed and often fighting through bureaucratic red tape to make things happen. It’s hard to be proactive when you’re constantly putting out fires. But you can take the power back by leveraging traffic crash and safety data from local law enforcement, linking it up to smart devices, and proactively communicating traffic hazards.



Blog, law enforcement

Helping to Shape the Future of the Policing Profession – One Resolved Traffic Complaint at a Time

“At IACP 2019, I really hope that you’ll make every moment count, with countless opportunities to be inspired, gain insight and make connections. This is the most important event in law enforcement where see and hear about cutting edge education and technology.” – Superintendent Eddie Johnson of Chicago PD.

For over a decade, All Traffic Solutions has been honored to attend the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference and Exposition. Each year, our excitement to showcase our products and software only increases! As Superintendent Johnson said, IACP is an opportunity to become educated on cutting-edge technology that support law enforcement professionals serving anywhere from small towns to the largest cities in the world. 

Some of the topics and trends being discussed at IACP this year, such as Community-Police Relations, Officer Safety, and Response to Active Threats tie in with our mission. 

Community-Police Relations: Sometimes, all it takes is seeing one of our radar speed signs on the street that adds a sense of protection and care from law enforcement to concerned citizens. 

Officer Safety: Our vehicle counters are low power and easy to deploy roadside; unlike road tubes, which can put officers’ lives at risk. When responding to an accident, they can set up our InstAlert 24 folding message sign on a portable post, grab the battery pack and share a warning message with drivers in about a minute to stay back.

Response to Active Threats: Police can share emergency messages with the public fast at incident scenes and in lock-down situations. 

What’s New at Booth 3817

This year, we’ve introduced two new and important alerting solutions – the ATS FloodAlert detection and notification system, and the ATS Wrong Way Solution. In addition, we continue to be the only manufacturer of folding messaging boards you can find anywhere (the amazingly InstAlert 24 – see above!) Our products are American-made, portable, durable, cloud connected, and highly accurate. 

If that doesn’t peak your interest, here are a few more reasons why you should visit Booth 3817 at IACP 2019 in Chicago.  

We won’t have tasers, body cams – or dogs – but we will be showcasing our impressive line of radar speed signs, radar messaging displays, variable messaging signs, speed trailers (ALPR-ready available), vehicle counting and classification devices, handheld Lidar devices and our patented TraffiCloud® remote management software. Also look for us demoing TraffiCloud at the Wanco booth #4639 with their TraffiCloud-ready signs.

We’re also giving away two handcrafted wooden wall flags from the Flags of Valor – a veteran-owned business located in Ashburn, VA – honoring our men and women in blue. FOV flags are made by combat veterans, many of whom were wounded in battle. 

In the time I’ve been with ATS, one of my favorite aspects of the job are the conversations I have with our customers (in this case, with members of law enforcement). It means more than anything that we as a company get to play a part, large or small, in helping such a selfless and noble industry, and to hear that our innovations are helping keep communities safe. Especially when these customers are putting their lives on the line every day.

You may not know this, but police are required to respond to every single traffic and/or speeding complaint they receive. More than half of the time, those speeding complaints are inaccurate and extremely time-consuming. So, we make it simple, less time-consuming and provide accuracy through data reports via TraffiCloud. Our products and software leverage real-time data to calm traffic, share notifications, manage availability, and make traffic management better—while maximizing resources, revenue and budget.

Our customers include police departments, departments of transportation and public works, municipalities, emergency management and safety departments, and higher education/K-12, as well as trucking and parking and many others.

ATS has had many notable accomplishments over the last twenty years, and will continue to strive to serve customers with the best technology and most reliable products. 

We are thankful for the opportunity to exhibit at IACP 2019 and hope to see you in Chicago!

Blog, law enforcement, law enforcement

ATS Hosts First Customer Appreciation Day for Local Law Enforcement

by Christine Parisi
Business Development Manager
All Traffic Solutions

“Sell the problem you solve, not the product”— this quote recently inspired me. Sure, it’s what everyone in Sales aims to do— but I say there is no better deal closed than when you help your customers solve a problem.”

For those of us who live in the DC Metro area, I think it is more than safe to say that traffic is a definite problem. Honestly, that is putting it very nicely. Unfortunately, we can’t just snap our fingers and make it go away, but we can make it better, safer, and easier to manage. In doing so, we help those employed in the traffic and safety sector including municipalities, DoT’s, corporate campuses, and more. In this particular case of the Local Event, the “more” represented our customers who put their lives on the line every day, while also (somehow) finding time to deal with this issue we call traffic. More specifically DMV law enforcement.

Did you know, that an officer is required by law to respond to every traffic complaint their department receives? Now, I’m not saying that so you pick up the phone and dial in to complain about Mrs. Johnson’s son who drives like Jason Statham in Fast and Furious down your street on a daily basis, I’m making a point of just how time-consuming it is for law enforcement to investigate and respond to each and every one. And no offense, but Mrs. Johnson’s son probably isn’t driving that fast.

At All Traffic Solutions, it’s our job to make traffic enforcement easier, more efficient, and less of a drain on resources and budget. We manufacture those signs you see on the road displaying your speed (the white ones with a green ATS sticker on the back). Disclaimer: we are not issuing speeding tickets! We help law enforcement, municipalities and many others to manage their radar signs, message boards and other devices and collect accurate data for reporting remotely using our patented TraffiCloud cloud-based software.

Why We Decided to Host an Open House

The idea came from the fact that since we live in the DMV and work for a traffic technology company, it only made sense to invite them to the office for face-to-face conversations in a relaxed environment — with fun activities, training and meaningful prizes. More importantly, we wanted to hear directly from the source— the literal eyes and ears of our products who are deployed on the streets— on ways that we as a company can continue to improve.

Officers shared ways ATS helps them keep community roads safe, such as using our SpeedAlert speed trailers with TraffiCloud to resolve neighborhood speeding complaints faster and more efficiently. They also had suggestions for us on product features as well as ideas for future events.

Giveaways included ATS logo t-shirts retrofitted with the three flags representing the DMV, a handcrafted thin blue line American flag from the Flags of Valor in Ashburn, VA and a new ATS Shield 12 radar speed display sign with one year of TraffiCloud. We gave demos, showcased some new technology, and even playing a little football with one of our signs— durability testing, anyone? (PS, the sign was 100% not harmed)

The atmosphere was casual and there were smiles all around. Which brings me back to my original point: There is no better deal, “closed won” than seeing your product help a customer solve a problem. It was an honor to spend the day with members of local law enforcement who are out there on the front lines using our products. It was even more of an honor to hear how our products make their jobs better, safer and easier.


We hope this event was the first of many to come because all of our customers are truly worth a day of appreciation!

To close, here is a fun, 2-minute video featuring the durability of our products.

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