Time to Destination Technology

South Bay Message

Turnkey Solution

  • A simple, optional extension to any of our signs already utilizing SmartApps
  • Hosted product platform that includes connectivity
  • Live in-flow traffic data updated as often as every minute with zero sensor infrastructure
  • No custom integration or IT support required for setup or maintenance
  • Internet connected computer with browser provides full access from anywhere

Route Flexibility

  • Point & Click routes configuration eliminates reliance on roadside sensor infrastructure and custom algorithms 
  • Easy to reconfigure as patterns change
  • Applicable to portable & emergency use

Routes and times are a Message Component or Logic Input

  • Display “Time to Destination” or Delay over route 
  • Advanced message dependencies
  • Dynamically recommend alternate routes based on thresholds
  • High priority driver feedback – Interject custom “Slow Down” message when excessive speeds are detected.

Live Traffic Data Use Cases

  • Display live conditions in common areas such as garages and hotel lobbies
  • Route information across paths regardless of who is responsible for the roadway
  • Display time to next Service or Rest Area; time if more meaningful than distance
  • Recommend best exits or routes to specific destinations 
  • Display short duration routes during emergency or temporary closures
  • Communicate conventional time to destination based on current conditions

Integrate DriveTimes with Smartapps and extend the value of its cloud-based traffic management solution. Our always-current user interface will keep you in contact with your equipment without any support from IT. (see below):

SmartApps Traffic Suite Apps:

  • Mapping: Manage your entire program through an intuitive visual interface.
  • Equipment Management: Stop wasting time driving to equipment to update and monitor it.
  • Alerts: Specify when and whom you’d like notified upon occurrence of certain conditions.
  • Reporting: Save time collecting, organizing, compiling and distributing information.
  • Imaging: Achieve greater awareness, including alarms or request generated images.
  • PremierCare: Get a perpetual warranty, damage insurance and remote diagnostics.