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Trucking Access and Guidance Solutions

ATS cloud-based Access and Guidance solutions deliver automated gate in / gate out, guidance and truck parking availability solutions:


Integrated sensors, systems, data and
instructions from any location, anytime


Connect any device from any manufacturer, future-proofing against obsolescence or being locked to one vendor’s solution


Everything in one location,
accessible from one dashboard

Single Data Platform

Access data from any
source in one system


Simple integration lets you connect your individual vehicle information with your WMS, TMS or ERP seamlessly, creating trucking traffic flow that you need to optimize your operation:

  • Integrate with other availability systems and devices
  • Output your availability data to any other system or device
  • Integrate with notification or reservation systems

Our platform based approach gives you the flexibility to build the customized vehicle access, control and measurement system you need, fueled by real-time information and data.

Realize Cost Savings

Lower Costs

  • Reduce turnaround times and lower detention costs
  • Reduce dwell times to avoid costly fees
  • Negotiate lower contract pricing based on actual turnaround data
  • Minimize liability and risk by providing greater safety and security

Increase safety

  • Stop trucks from speeding using radar speed displays that alert drivers of their speed and display speed-dependent messages
  • Utilize ALPR hidden inside trailers to record license numbers and match to individual drivers so you can take action

Increase efficiencies

  • Dynamically message dock door information
  • Optimize yard time
  • Leverage real-time data to identify “choke points” and resolve delays

Save time

  • Less wait at the gate
  • Expedite lines to load and unload
  • Alleviate congestion by guiding trucks safely throughout your facility

True Turnaround Times

Capture accurate, actual vehicle arrivals and departure times using fixed infrastructure such as ALPR, Bluetooth or RFID to accurately document each individual vehicle’s unique identifier upon entry and exit.


  • Provide shippers with verified documentation of actual time on site for each truck
  • Understand average turnaround times by day of the week, time of day and location so you can focus on making improvements during those periods
  • Build in actual turnaround times into your contract negotiation process
  • Become the shipper of choice by decreasing turnaround times
  • Reduce turnaround times and lower detention costs


Dynamic signage to guide trucks to the correct dock faster and more efficiently.

ATS Guidance solutions utilize a smart, user-friendly, easy-to-deploy wayfinding platform that gives you the ability to communicate dock availability to drivers in real time based on live data for faster turnarounds.

  • Use heads-up dynamic messaging to direct drivers to the right dock quickly and efficiently
  • When the dock isn’t ready, direct drivers to available parking, and provide notification to the dock of each vehicle’s exact location
  • Guide trucks from exit to thruway via the least congested route using virtual drive times or time to destination technology based on real time traffic data.

Open platform so you have near-limitless ability to integrate any kind of messaging platform – web, app or heads up signage of any size or style – with any type of device. Scalable and flexible, ideal for existing structures or new builds.

Access Control

Automated gate access control and guidance

When trucks can move in, out and around your facility faster, everybody benefits.

Streamline access in and out of your facility with automatic entry systems that utilize your ALPR, RFID or counting technology to provide trucks with immediate entry and exit based on their vehicle identification, phone or RFID.


  • Recognize carrier vehicles immediately upon approach and allow automatic access
  • Expedite entry and exit to avoid lines at the gatehouse and exits
  • Guide drivers directly to their assigned dock in real time via variable message signs to decrease idling time and congestion
  • Reduce dwell times to avoid costly fees

Automated Access Control can integrate seamlessly with any data source, including your TMS, ERP or WMS—whether it’s off-the-shelf or proprietary—so you can save time and reduce spending, making your facility or shipping site more attractive to potential carriers.

Parking Availability

Real-time truck parking availability in your facility, outside the gate or at rest stops
Provide drivers with real-time parking availability, whether they’re in the yard, outside the gate or nearing a rest stop.

For rest and truck stops, ATS’s real-time parking availability allows you to

  • Provide guidance information via heads-up variable messaging on the road
  • Route trucks to available parking spaces based on remaining drive time hours
  • Help carriers meet their ELD mandates and avoid costly fines and potential safety hazards

For shippers, real time availability combined with guidance means your operations maintain maximum efficiency even during wait times.

With a sensor-agnostic approach to real-time availability and guidance, a seamless integration with traffic management platforms or existing signage ensures cost effective affordable real time cloud based truck parking availability.


Run reports in seconds utilizing our cloud-based platform, download and share, or have reports delivered via email to whomever you designate. Measure individual vehicles or volume of trucks in and out of your facility by:

  • Dwell time with documentation
  • Location or site
  • Carrier
  • Day, week, month or user-selected timeframe
  • Individual vehicle
  • Vehicle class
  • Dock destination
  • Vehicle parked / not parked
  • Appointment time

Safety and Risk Management

Keep drivers, pedestrians and vehicles safe

Maximize safety and security levels with our Safety and Risk Management solutions. With these cloud-based solutions you can:

  • Calm traffic in and around your facility and truck parking areas
  • Alert trucks to slow down in heavy pedestrian areas
  • Increase security levels with camera-based counting systems that view and record what goes on in the facility or at the perimeter
  • Minimize liability and risk by providing greater safety and security
  • Leverage data and analytics to make more informed traffic safety decisions
  • Report on the impact of your facility safety program

Zone Management

Understand and measure where vehicles are within your facility
Know the location of every truck at every minute they’re on site. With our Zone Management solutions you can:

  • Track when a vehicle passes from one checkpoint or zone to another
  • Measure wait time by vehicle, vehicle class, carrier or other key metric
  • Measure where the “choke points” are within your operation to pinpoint and resolve delays
  • Build a documented trail of vehicle locations for use in determining detention fees and true dwell times

Leverage the ATS fixed-infrastructure cloud-based IoT platform for up-to-the-minute real-time data to help manage daily operations and troubleshoot problem spots.

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